Quantic Dream’s Next Game will have Competitive Multiplayer and Microtransactions

Quantic Dream's Next Game will have Competitive Multiplayer and Microtransactions
Written by Ankit Gaba

Quantic Dream recently posted multiple Job Listings related to their Next Game, and it seems like that this game will contain a Competitive Multiplayer. It seems very different from other Quantic Dream Games, and it seems to contain Microtransactions as well; a Job Listing states, “As a Senior Game Economy Designer, you will be responsible for all aspects of the game’s economic model. You will design the virtual products offered by the game and establish metrics that allow you to measure consumer response to these virtual products during user tests and after release.
Using those metrics, you will offer data-driven recommendations to team management in order to tune purchase drivers and pricing in order to ensure the game’s financial performance.​”

This straight-up points towards microtransactions, but it is very common in Multiplayer games nowadays. Sadly, let’s hope that this game will contain some sort of Single Player Campaign as well.
We previously reported about Quantic Dream working on a very ambitious AAA game, and this seems very ambitious, so it is definitely their next AAA game. Let’s just hope that this is good, unlike most multiplayer games that just come and die in a few years.
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