WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving
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The WWE 2k series has always held a special place in the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts and gamers alike. With every new release, expectations for improved gameplay, enhanced features, and even more customization options continue to soar. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of WWE 2k24, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement, sharing their wishlist to make this installment the most thrilling experience yet.

In this article, we’ll delve into the top features fans have on their wishlist for WWE 2k24, including improved gameplay and controls, enhanced graphics and realism, expanded customization options, new game modes and features, and an updated roster featuring legends and rising stars alike. Are you ready to step into the ring to explore the incredible potential of WWE 2k24? Let’s take a closer look!

Improved Gameplay and Controls

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

A crucial aspect of any successful gaming franchise is its core gameplay, and the WWE 2k series is no exception. Existing fans and prospective gamers alike expect the WWE 2k24 edition to bring a smoother, more fluid, and intuitive gameplay experience. After some previous entries received criticism for clunky controls and inconsistent mechanics, it’s essential for WWE 2k24 to feature refined controls that cater to both casual gamers and experts.

First and foremost, players hope the developers will address control responsiveness and accuracy issues. In past titles, players sometimes encountered challenges executing specific moves or responding to an opponent’s attacks. WWE 2k24 should provide precise controls, ensuring that character actions directly correspond to the buttons pressed by the player, delivering a truly immersive experience.

Another fundamental gameplay element that gamers wish to see improvement in is the grappling system. Fans seek a reinvention of grappling, transforming it into a more natural yet strategic experience. A revamped grappling system could make matches feel less like a series of button-mashing sequences and more like a chess match between opponents, providing players with a heightened level of strategy and skill involved in each face-off.

On the same note, the WWE 2k24 wishlist features requests for a better implementation of the reversal system, which has been problematic in previous installments. Players often felt that reversals were either too random or too time-sensitive, leading to frustration when attempting to counter an opponent’s attack. An improved reversal system should strike a balance between skill, timing, and opportunity, making it a genuine strategic tool rather than a luck-based feature.

Additionally, another primary concern on the WWE 2k24 wishlist is the game’s AI. Players have noticed AI opponents exhibit unrealistic and frustrating behavior in the past, detracting from the overall gameplay experience. Consequently, fans hope that WWE 2k24 offers a refined and more believable AI system capable of delivering competitive matches true to the real-world WWE spectacle.

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Enhanced Graphics and Realism

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

The WWE 2k game series has consistently impressed fans with its graphical prowess, providing beautiful arenas, authentic character models, and spectacular visual effects. The upcoming WWE 2k24 release should continue this trend by incorporating an even more enhanced graphical experience that combines stunning visuals with immersive realism.

Character models are a significant focus in this aspect, as players crave highly detailed and accurate renders of their favorite WWE superstars. The game should meticulously capture every superstar’s distinct features, including attire, tattoos, mannerisms, and even signature facial expressions. Enhancements in character models would allow gamers to experience the exhilarating feel of authentic rivalries and championship bouts, making them believe they’re truly part of the WWE universe.

Moreover, arena design and presentation play a vital role in WWE 2k24’s realism. The game should deliver vivid and life-like representations of iconic arenas, complete with authentic signage, backstage areas, and crowd animations. By using cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, WWE 2k24 can provide an unparalleled feeling of immersion that transports players directly into the heart of the wrestling world.

Besides, visual effects, such as particle effects for pyrotechnics and atmospheric lighting, are essential in creating memorable and authentic WWE entrances. WWE 2k24 should strive to make these entrances as faithful to real-life as possible, giving players the ultimate wrestling spectacle experience.

Expanded Customization Options

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

One of the most appealing aspects of the WWE 2k series is the ability to customize and create unique content, such as custom wrestlers, arenas, championships, and much more. The WWE 2k24 wishlist emphasizes the desire for even more extensive customization options to unlock greater creative potential for players.

The first area where customization can be expanded is character creation. Players want more control over their custom wrestler’s appearance, including facial features, body types, skin textures, and a wider array of hairstyles and colors. Additionally, fans hope for an increased selection of tattoos, scars, and accessories to make each custom superstar feel truly unique.

Another vital aspect of customization is attire. Players hope for a broader clothing library in WWE 2k24, allowing for more authentic replicas of their favorite superstars or the creation of unique wrestler designs. Expanding customization options for fabric materials, patterns, and colors will enable players to further tailor their characters to suit their creative vision.

Furthermore, the logo and design suite presents an exciting opportunity for expansion. WWE 2k24’s developers can make this a more powerful and flexible design tool, enabling the ability to import custom images or create intricate logos and decals for wrestlers, attire, and arenas. With an extensive design suite, players can recreate legendary matches or dream up their unique WWE world.

Lastly, customizing arenas and championships should be more accessible and versatile in WWE 2k24. Players want the freedom to fine-tune every inch of their custom arenas, from the position of the entrance ramp to the color of the ring ropes. Similarly, players should have the capacity to design and customize every aspect of a championship title, from the shape of the belt to the fine details of the centerplate.

New Game Modes and Features

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

Beyond graphics, gameplay, and customization, the WWE 2k24 wishlist includes hopes for innovative game modes and features that can elevate the game to new heights. Players are eager for new ways to experience the thrill of WWE, whether through solo play or multiplayer experiences.

One highly desired game mode is a robust story or career mode that follows a custom-created wrestler on their journey from a rookie to a WWE legend. This mode should present players with branching storylines and dynamic choices that impact their wrestler’s path, creating an engaging, narrative-driven gameplay experience. Alongside this mode, players want to see the return of a GM mode where they can manage rosters, shows, and finances to create a thriving wrestling empire.

In terms of multiplayer offerings, players hope WWE 2k24 will introduce online league or tournament modes. These competitive events would allow friends and online rivals to battle it out and prove who is the ultimate wrestling champion. The addition of cross-platform compatibility could also promote a more inclusive and extensive multiplayer community.

Other desired features include an improved training mode to help players learn and practice advanced gameplay mechanics and movesets, as well as more accessible modding capabilities for the PC version of the game.

Updated Roster and Legends

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

One of the critical elements in creating a noteworthy WWE 2k24 gaming experience is a comprehensive and up-to-date roster. Players desire a game that not only features current WWE superstars but also celebrates the legends and rising stars, providing opportunities for dream matches, storylines, and a sense of continuity as the wrestling world constantly evolves.

With the ever-changing landscape of WWE, it is crucial for WWE 2k24 to keep its roster updated, showcasing top-tier talent like Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and many more. In addition, the roster should accurately represent the diverse set of superstars across different brands such as Raw, SmackDown, and NXT. This wide selection of superstars will ensure that players have ample choices and opportunities to recreate their favorite rivalries or formulate their scenarios.

Moreover, it is equally crucial for WWE 2k24 to honor the legacy of the wrestling giants who have graced the sport throughout its history. Legends such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage should be included, giving players the chance to participate in epic battles between past and present superstars.

The inclusion of legends and alumni doesn’t stop with the main roster. WWE 2k24 should also consider incorporating wrestling icons from various wrestling promotions beyond WWE, such as WCW, ECW, and AEW. The presence of these superstars would enrich the game, offering an even broader array of options for exciting clashes and fantasy warfare.

Rising stars are another essential aspect of an updated roster, reflecting the future of professional wrestling. WWE 2k24 should identify and showcase these up-and-coming talents, giving the young generation an opportunity to shine on the digital stage. These rising stars will become the legends of tomorrow, and featuring them in WWE 2k24 allows players to follow and participate in their journey to greatness.

Ultimately, having a comprehensive roster with a mix of current superstars, legends, and rising stars ensures that WWE 2k24 caters to a broad audience of wrestling fans, honoring the past and embracing the future of professional wrestling.

Fan-Requested Match Types

WWE 2k24 Wishlist: Exciting Features and Enhancements Fans Are Craving

A key element in keeping each WWE 2k installment fresh and engaging is the diverse variety of match types available in the game. Over the years, the WWE has introduced unique and captivating match concepts that remain beloved by fans. For WWE 2k24, players have expressed their desire to see the return of iconic match types, as well as the introduction of notable newer concepts.

An excellent example of a requested match type is the classic “Special Referee” match, where a user-selected WWE superstar would act as the match’s enforcer, making crucial decisions on disqualifications and falls. This match type emphasizes unpredictability and can lead to compelling gameplay experiences where friendships or rivalries can sway the course of a match.

Additionally, fans want to see the return of the “I Quit” match, where competitors must force their opponent to utter the humiliating words, “I quit,” in order to claim victory. Such match types offer a unique twist on the conventional gameplay, providing players with intense, strategic battles where anything can happen.

Newer match concepts, such as the cinematic “Firefly Fun House” and “Boneyard” matches, would also be welcome additions to WWE 2k24. Cinematic match types would offer an entirely new approach to gameplay, merging elements of narrative-driven adventures with intense wrestling action.

Enhancing Realism Through Commentary

One of the most crucial aspects in creating a fully immersive WWE gaming experience is the in-game commentary. WWE 2k24 has the opportunity to elevate its overall realism and excitement by revamping the commentary system, ensuring that every match feels both authentic and distinct.

Dynamic and contextual commentary is central to achieving this immersive game experience. WWE 2k24 should employ a system that not only acknowledges the actions and developments during a match but also takes into consideration previous rivalries, accomplishments, and upcoming storylines. This would inject an additional depth into each contest, making it feel like a genuine part of an unfolding wrestling saga.

Moreover, the inclusion of different commentary teams or announcers for various match types, brands, and events could significantly enhance the level of authenticity in WWE 2k24. Depending on whether the match occurs on Raw, SmackDown, or an NXT event, the commentary team should reflect the real-life scenario, further blurring the lines between the game and the actual WWE broadcasts.

Incorporating fan-requested match types and significantly enhancing the in-game commentary would go a long way in ensuring that WWE 2k24 becomes the definitive wrestling game fans are expecting. These additions would complement the other aspects on the game’s wishlist, thoroughly satisfying players’ crave for a truly immersive WWE experience.

By addressing these fan requests and continually striving to develop a game that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in wrestling entertainment, WWE 2k24 will have the ability to captivate and excite players around the world, ultimately solidifying its status as the definitive wrestling game experience.


The anticipation for WWE 2k24 is palpable, with fans around the globe eagerly sharing their wishlist, hoping for a game that fulfills their wildest wrestling fantasies. This comprehensive exploration of desired features and enhancements highlights the potential for WWE 2k24 to become a truly unforgettable entry in the series, provided the developers take these suggestions to heart.

From addressing core gameplay and control issues to introducing cutting-edge graphics and immersive storytelling, WWE 2k24 has the opportunity to cement itself as the ultimate professional wrestling experience. By focusing on expanded customization, innovative game modes, a diverse roster, fan-requested match types, and realistic commentary, WWE 2k24 can potentially satisfy both casual fans and wrestling aficionados alike.

As we anxiously await the release of WWE 2k24, one thing is certain: if even a portion of these wishlist items come to fruition, this game could be a monumental success in the realm of professional wrestling entertainment. The stage is set, and the spotlight is on WWE 2k24 to deliver a groundbreaking game that will echo through the annals of wrestling history.


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