Upcoming collection by The Sevens: The Sevens EVE Collection

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All about The Sevens

The Sevens is a digital art brand that was created by Janz, with the aim of providing a platform for artists to showcase their work. The Sevens has grown into a community of passionate artists and enthusiasts, who are dedicated to promoting innovation and collaboration within the NFT space. The Sevens mission is to create and nurture a community that fosters innovation and collaboration within the NFT space and beyond.

The Sevens started out as a collection of 7000 randomly generated art pieces, but is now evolving into much more. The Sevens is focusing on developing an animated story, where the NFTs become the main characters. This will be the first step in The Sevens becoming a holistic anime brand.

The Sevens is a communitydriven project, and the community‘s passion, ideas and dedication are what keep The Sevens focused and determined. The Sevens inclusive community is the beating heart of the project, and their passion for art and anime is what drives The Sevens forward.

The Sevens EVE Collection

On 17th April, 2022 The Sevens will be launching The Sevens EVE collection. This is an all female collection with some shared traits from the Genesis and Companions collection. The lead artist for The Sevens, Janz, enlisted the help of two talented young artists, recruited from The Sevens community to assist him with the latest release. Ranvellion brings new dimensions of depth, color and detail to the classic Janz style. Ninjacat, a classic anime artist, brings a welcome female perspective to the difficult task of depicting the female form in a traditionally anime styled, but respectful way.

As The Sevens team thought about the direction of the art they knew they would maintain the style and traits of the Genesis collection, and the midseason Companions, but they needed more to tie the collections together. The creation of the Eve collection was also the trigger for the all encompassingSevens Lore‘.

The Sevens team are now producing the first in a series of animated shorts. Our leading lady is from the Eve collection, will you be lucky enough to mint her?

The Sevens EVE collection will have a total supply of 10,777 NFTs. The collection will be available to whitelist members on 17th April 7pm UTC, and to the public on 19th April 7pm UTC. An airdrop will be held on 21st April 7pm UTC, and the collection will be revealed on 22nd April 7pm UTC.


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