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9Tales: The Play-to-Earn Card Game Bringing Unique Gameplay and Sustainability to its Genre

Written by Alexis

9Tales is a blockchain trading card game where players earn real money through in-game NFT ownership. The game features sustainable rewards systems and one-of-a-kind gameplay and is set for alpha release this year.

With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, it’s time they’re rewarded for their support. 9Tales is creating a play-and-earn game that’s both unique and sustainable. The game features a reward system favouring skills over a pay-to-win mindset. Plus, it offers simultaneous gameplay that isn’t typical in other card games.

Co-founder Othmane Safsafi, a.k.a. Eruine, says, “We aim to create a fast-paced card game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master. We’re creating unique game modes for both fun and serious competition, so everyone can enjoy 9Tales.”

9Tales’ anti-pay-to-win system tackles two hurdles: sustainability and players’ spending money to win. They solved sustainability through a game mode that generates fees for the ecosystem and negates player spending as card strength will never change. However, players that spend money on the game will unlock extra rewards. This system makes gameplay fair for both casuals and professionals.

The team is currently perfecting the game art and benefits NFT holders will receive. Benefits include priority access to tournaments and card packs, token airdrops and sales, exclusive whitelist spots and boosted in-game rewards. Token airdrops will see NFT holders receive hundreds—potentially thousands—of dollars for supporting the game.

Head of Game Design Houssam AKHMOUCH, a.k.a. StackOverflop, says, “We want 9Tales to be an ecosystem that supports gamers for years to come. That’s why our focus is creating the perfect balance between worthwhile rewards and sustainable economics.”

The Genesis NFT release has already sold out, with players only able to buy them on the secondary market. However, the Phase 1 release, with over 500 available NFTs, is set to happen in the coming weeks. Once the Phase 1 NFTs have sold out, the Alpha version of 9Tales will be released. Further NFT and card sales will happen towards the end of the year.

9Tales is a play-and-earn NFT trading card game pushing the boundaries of online gaming. Combining in-game asset ownership with simultaneous gameplay, we make gaming rewarding for casual and professional players alike. We’re creating a balanced, sustainable game for everyone to enjoy through our anti-pay-to-win reward system.

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