Introducing ETHX AI – The Art, Fashion, Metaverse and Utility-Centric NFT Collection

Written by Alexis

ETHX AI is a new art, fashion, metaverse and utilitycentric nonfungible token (NFT) collection from the innovative film studio, AlterCine. The collection is built around an initial drop of 2,222 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721), and it unites quality art, highfashion, style, and utility to provide its community with more than just an art collection.

The collection features 100% unique, highquality and handpainted art from a roster of industry professional artists (some of whom have worked on projects from Marvel, Riot Games, Netflix, Paramount, Square Enix, etc.). The art has a unique painterly style that aims to raise the beauty bar for profile picture art in a brand new way. In addition to the beautiful art, ETHX owners can expect utilities such as rewards, future airdrops of 3D metaverseready avatars and clothing.

Benefits of Holding ETHX AI NFT

As a holder of an ETHX AI, you can enjoy a number of benefits that are not available to the general public. These benefits include:

Unique and programmatically generated art

Each ETHX AI is unique and programmatically generated from over 250+ possible attributes and traits, including skins, clothes, accessories, backgrounds, and other unique assets.

Fashionable AIs

The AIs are highly fashionable, and theyve got to be more than just a profile picture.


Phase 1 is highly focused on giving back to our community, and metaverse centric. They’re working on different ways of bringing your ETHX into formats that are useful for you.

Commercial IP rights

The commercial IP rights of each ETHX NFT belong to its owner.

Metaverse integration

Revitalize your character and integrate it into metaverses.

Rewards and exclusive access

All ETHX Gen.1 holders will receive a Gen.2 (3D Avatar) airdrop. Additionally, holders of ETHX AI will have exclusive access to professional film production.

Overall, ETHX AI is a new and innovative way to hold and display art. The benefits of owning an ETHX AI include the unique and programmatically generated art, the fashionable AIs, the communityfocused approach, and the commercial IP rights that belong to the owner of each ETHX NFT. In addition, ETHX AI holders will have exclusive access to professional film production.

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