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Strangers NFT by Kojo Marfo – a new and unique collection of digital art

Written by Alexis
Inspired by his original artworks, Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo has created a new and unique NFT collection ofStrangers. With block colours, strong shapes, twisted fingers, and the archaic gazes of his figures, Marfo gives the viewers his vibrant interpretation of the diverse narratives of different people he has encountered throughout his life.
The ‘Strangers’ NFTs will be launched in three phases.
1. Strangers Launch Mint of the first collection and Community building.
2. Strangers Expositions Inclusion of the collection in the next Kojo Marfo’s expositions.
3. Strangers Charities Social impact projects selected by Kojo Marfo himself.

About Kajo Marfo

Kojo Marfo is a Ghanaian artist based in London, known for his unique style that blends traditional Akan art with Western influences. Marfo‘s work often addresses social issues such as inequality, religion, politics, and spiritualism.

Early Life and Influences:

Kojo Marfo was born in Ghana in 1980. From a young age, he was exposed to traditional Akan artifacts, sculptures, and carvings. These pieces made a strong impression on Marfo and continue to influence his work today.

After travelling to New York and London, Marfo developed a more global perspective. He began to create figurative abstractions that commented on his experiences and the social issues he observed.

I want people to see my work as a reflection of my Akan culture and my struggles living in the West,” Marfo said.I want my artwork to create a connection with people, to be a symbol for everyone to relate to.”

Why this project is worth checking out?

TheStrangers NFTs are a great way to support the artist Kojo Marfo and also to gain a unique and interesting piece of digital art. The project is also very well thought out, with a threephase launch that will see the NFTs being used in exhibitions, charities and social impact projects. We love that the artist is using his platform to support good causes and we think this is a great way to get people interested in both art and cryptocurrency.
The collection itself is very eyecatching and provides a great insight into Marfos imagination and understanding of society and human nature. The use of block colours and strong shapes gives the NFTs a unique and modern look, whilst the twisted fingers and archaic gazes of the figures provide a more sinister edge. Overall, we think this is a great project that is definitely worth checking out.
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Our Interview with the Strangers NFT Team

What was the inspiration behind the Strangers NFT collection?

The Strangers’ concept is related to all the persons that you meet during your journey, and all the complexity of the human kind that is also marked by social issues in general.

What does the title ‘Strangers’ refer to in this context?

We meet lot of people, we share ideas, stories… With globalisation, social networks, we meet so many people that at the end of the day, they are all just Strangers. Sometimes Strangers become friends, or family.

How does Marfo‘s use of colour, shape, and form in these artworks help to convey his ideas about society and human nature?

Kojo Marfo’s paintings are a mix of stories that he lived during his trips in Ghana, US, Europe and Asia. One painting does not represent a single story, it’s representing a global view and the viewer needs to have his own interpretation.

What does Marfo hope viewers will take away from his Strangers NFT collection?

Kojo Marfo is not doing art because it’s beautiful, he is doing art because he wants people to stop and think about their life. He also wants his art to be more accessible and NFT is the perfect match. It allows new viewers and art lovers to connect with him.

What are some of the challenges that Marfo faced in creating his Strangers NFT collection?

The most difficult part was to create 200 attributes that match in every single situation. It is not common for an Artist to see his art put into a NFT algorithm in order to create thousands of unique pieces.

What are the airdrops that JD Malat Gallery is offering to holders of the Strangers NFT collection?

2 pass will be airdrop : Gold and Diamond edition. It will be the start of an ambitious Art Project that will break the boundaries between Web2 and Web3.

What upcoming events are JD Malat Gallery hosting to showcase Kojo Marfo‘s Strangers NFT collection?

First even is in NYC in May, after the mint, the exposition is starting with real artworks from Kojo but after the mint, NFTs will be added. JD Malat Gallery will also host a NFT exposition in-house in London this summer to meet EU holders.


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