The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World
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Earth Inc. is an exciting and addictive mobile game that allows players to embark on a journey of becoming the CEO of the biggest business on the planet. Developed by Treetop Crew, this game offers a unique blend of pixelated blocks and extreme capitalism that is sure to keep players engaged for hours on end.

In Earth Inc., players are tasked with digging the ground, mining ores, and strategically managing their resources to turn their company into a global powerhouse. The objective is to generate as much wealth as possible by expanding operations, investing in new technologies, and making smart business decisions.

As the CEO of Earth Inc., players have the opportunity to experience the thrill of running a multinational corporation. The game offers a fast-paced and dynamic gameplay experience that sets it apart from other idle clicker games. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the genre, Earth Inc. provides a challenging and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels.

Guide to Earth Inc: Tips and Strategies

Getting Started

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

To begin your journey with Earth Inc., simply download the game from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it is free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases available.

Once you have installed the game, you will be greeted with a tutorial that will guide you through the basic mechanics and gameplay elements. Pay close attention to the tutorial as it provides valuable insights and tips on how to maximize your progress in the game.

Earth Inc. is an idle clicker game that revolves around the concept of digging the ground, mining ores, and making money. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Digging: Tap on the screen to dig the ground and unearth valuable resources. The more you dig, the more money you earn.
  2. Mining Ores: Use the money you have earned to purchase miners. Miners will automatically mine ores for you, even when you are not actively playing the game. Upgrade your miners to increase their efficiency and production capacity.
  3. Upgrades and Investments: As you earn more money, invest in upgrading your mining equipment, buildings, and technologies. These upgrades will allow you to mine more resources and generate more wealth.
  4. Research and Development: Allocate resources to research and development to unlock new technologies and advancements. Discover innovative ways to improve your mining operations and increase profits.
  5. Unlock New Regions: As you progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to unlock new regions with unique resources. Explore these regions and expand your mining empire.
  6. Complete Missions and Achievements: Earth Inc. offers various missions and achievements that provide rewards and bonuses. Completing these tasks will help you progress faster and earn additional resources.
  7. Offline Progress: Even when you are not actively playing the game, your miners will continue to work and generate income. Collect the accumulated earnings when you return to the game.

Remember, Earth Inc. is a game that rewards patience and strategic decision-making. Carefully manage your resources, invest wisely, and constantly strive for optimization to maximize your profits.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to play Earth Inc., it’s time to embark on your journey as the CEO of the biggest business on the planet. Dig deep, expand your operations, and dominate the global market.

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Gameplay Mechanics and Strategies

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

In Earth Inc., understanding the gameplay mechanics and implementing effective strategies is crucial for success. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Profit Multiplier: Activate the Profit Multiplier whenever possible. This feature allows you to increase your earnings by a certain percentage for a limited time. Utilize the Profit Multiplier strategically to maximize your income during crucial moments or when you have a significant number of resources ready to be collected.
  2. Upgrades and Investments: Allocate your resources wisely by investing in upgrades and advancements. Upgrade your miners, buildings, and technologies to boost productivity and generate more income. Prioritize upgrades that have a direct impact on resource extraction and production efficiency.
  3. Research and Development: Allocate resources to research and development to unlock new technologies and advancements. Discover innovative ways to improve your mining operations, increase efficiency, and unlock additional features. Stay ahead of the competition by investing in R&D and constantly seeking new opportunities for growth.
  4. Resource Management: Keep a close eye on your resources, such as money, ores, and energy. Balance your spending and income to ensure continuous growth and expansion. Avoid overspending on unnecessary upgrades and prioritize investments that provide long-term benefits.
  5. Time Management: Earth Inc. incorporates a time element in its gameplay mechanics. Some actions, such as waiting for resources to accumulate or upgrades to complete, require patience. Utilize this time strategically by planning your activities, such as coordinating upgrades or exploring new regions, to ensure maximum efficiency.
  6. Missions and Achievements: Take advantage of the missions and achievements available in the game. Completing missions and achieving specific goals not only rewards you with bonuses and resources but also helps you progress faster. Focus on missions that align with your long-term goals and strategize accordingly.
  7. Social Features: Earth Inc. offers social features that allow interaction with other players. Form alliances, collaborate with other CEOs, and leverage their expertise and resources. Engaging with the Earth Inc. community can provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies for success.
  8. Continuous Optimization: Constantly analyze and optimize your production chains. Experiment with different layouts, upgrades, and strategies to find the most efficient and profitable configuration. Regularly review your operations to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.

By understanding and implementing these gameplay mechanics and strategies, you can successfully build and expand your mining empire in Earth Inc. Remember, it’s not only about the quantity of resources but also the efficiency and optimization of your operations that will drive your success.

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Tips and Strategies

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

To excel in Earth Inc., it’s essential to implement effective tips and strategies. Here are some valuable insights to enhance your gameplay:

  1. Keep the Profit Multiplier Active: The Profit Multiplier is a significant advantage in Earth Inc. Activate it whenever possible to boost your earnings for a limited time. Utilize this feature during peak production periods or when you have accumulated a substantial amount of resources.
  2. Complete Quests and Achievements: Take advantage of the quests and achievements available in the game. Completing these tasks not only rewards you with free coins, diamonds, and chests but also provides valuable progression boosts. Stay proactive and regularly check for new quests to maximize your rewards.
  3. Tap on Drones for Extra Coins: Keep an eye out for drones flying across the screen. Tap on them to earn additional gold coins. This is an easy and quick way to increase your income, especially during resource collection phases.
  4. Recruit Workers and Send Them on Assignments: In the headquarters, recruit workers and send them on assignments. These workers will generate passive income for you. Make sure to assign them strategically to maximize their productivity and overall earnings.
  5. Prioritize Upgrades: Optimize your resource allocation by prioritizing upgrades that directly impact your mining productivity and income. Focus on upgrades that enhance mining speed, extraction efficiency, and profit generation. This will help you progress faster and generate more wealth.
  6. Invest in Research and Development: Allocate resources to research and development to unlock new technologies and advancements. This will enhance your mining operations, increase efficiency, and open up new opportunities for growth. Stay ahead of the competition by investing in R&D and continuously improving your business.
  7. Participate in Community Discussions: Engage with the Earth Inc. community through platforms like Reddit. Join discussions, share strategies, and learn from other players’ experiences. This community engagement can provide valuable insights and tips that can elevate your gameplay.
  8. Optimize Offline Earnings: Take full advantage of the game’s offline earnings feature. Ensure that your miners and operations are optimized to generate income even when you are not actively playing. Upgrade buildings and utilize automation features to maximize your offline earnings.

Remember, Earth Inc. is a game that rewards patience, strategic planning, and optimization. Continuously experiment with different techniques, upgrade paths, and resource management strategies to find the approach that works best for you.

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Expansion and Global Domination

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

In Earth Inc., players have the opportunity to expand their operations and strive for global domination. Here are key elements to consider:

  1. Unlock New Regions: As you progress in the game, you can unlock new regions and territories. Each region offers unique resources and challenges, providing the opportunity for further growth and expansion. Strategically choose which regions to invest in based on resource availability, market demand, and competition.
  2. Expand Infrastructure: Expand your mining empire by constructing new buildings, upgrading existing ones, and investing in infrastructure. This allows for increased production capacity and the ability to extract a wider range of resources. Continuously optimize your infrastructure to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  3. Research and Discover: Allocate resources to research and development to unlock new technologies and advancements. Discover innovative ways to improve your mining operations, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge. Stay proactive in seeking out new discoveries and breakthroughs.
  4. Strategic Resource Management: Global domination requires strategic resource management. Analyze the market demand for different resources and strategically allocate your mining efforts. Focus on high-demand resources to generate maximum profit. Consider forming alliances or engaging in trade to access resources that may be scarce in your region.
  5. Compete in Global Leaderboards: Earth Inc. includes global leaderboards that allow you to compete against other CEOs worldwide. Strive to climb the ranks and establish your dominance as the top mining mogul. Utilize your strategic skills, efficient resource management, and smart investments to outperform your competitors.
  6. Continuous Expansion: Expansion should be an ongoing process in Earth Inc. Continuously explore new territories, invest in research, and optimize your operations to expand your mining empire. Adapt to market trends, identify new opportunities, and leverage your business acumen to stay ahead in the race for global domination.

Remember, global domination requires careful planning, efficient resource allocation, and strategic decision-making. Stay vigilant, adapt to the ever-changing market conditions, and be willing to take calculated risks to assert your dominance on a global scale.

Research and Development

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

Research and development (R&D) play a crucial role in Earth Inc. as they unlock new technologies, advancements, and opportunities for growth. Here are some strategies to optimize your R&D efforts in the game:

  1. Prioritize Key Technologies: Allocate resources to research technologies that have a direct impact on your mining operations. Focus on advancements that improve resource extraction efficiency, increase production capacity, or provide cost-saving benefits. Prioritizing key technologies allows you to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your profitability.
  2. Balance Short-term and Long-term Investments: While it’s important to invest in immediate upgrades and advancements, don’t neglect long-term research initiatives. Balancing both short-term and long-term investments ensures that you have a sustainable growth strategy. Long-term research may unlock game-changing technologies that can revolutionize your mining empire.
  3. Experiment with Research Options: Earth Inc. offers multiple research options, each with its own benefits. Experiment with different research paths to discover the most effective combinations for your specific goals and playstyle. Don’t hesitate to explore alternative research options to gain a competitive edge.
  4. Monitor Market Demand: Keep an eye on market trends and demands to guide your research decisions. Invest in technologies that align with the current and future needs of the market. Anticipating and meeting market demands can give you a significant advantage in the game.
  5. Collaborate and Trade with Other CEOs: Engage in collaborative efforts with other CEOs in the game. Share research findings, exchange ideas, and strategize together. Collaborative efforts may result in accelerated R&D progress, as you can pool resources and expertise to reach goals faster.
  6. Continuously Upgrade Research Facilities: Upgrading your research facilities enhances their capabilities and allows for faster research progress. Invest in upgrading your labs, equipment, and resources to optimize your R&D operations. The more advanced your research facilities, the more efficient and impactful your research efforts will be.
  7. Stay Informed and Adapt: Stay informed about the latest updates and developments in the game. Follow community discussions, read game guides, and gather insights from experienced players. Adapt your R&D strategies based on new information and emerging opportunities.

Social Features and Alliances

The Ultimate Guide To Earth Inc: Dominate The Mining World

Earth Inc. offers social features that allow players to engage with other CEOs in the game. These features provide opportunities for collaboration, competition, and strategic partnerships. Here’s how you can make the most of the social aspects of Earth Inc.:

  1. Form Alliances: Join forces with other CEOs by forming alliances. Alliances allow you to collaborate, share resources, and support each other’s growth. Working together can accelerate your progress, unlock new opportunities, and create a strong network of like-minded CEOs.
  2. Collaborative Projects: Engage in collaborative projects within your alliance. Pool resources, expertise, and ideas to tackle common objectives and achieve shared goals. From joint research ventures to coordinated market strategies, collaboration can lead to increased success and mutual benefits.
  3. Compete on Global Leaderboards: Earth Inc. features global leaderboards where CEOs can compete for the top ranks. Participating in leaderboard rankings adds a competitive element to the game, motivating players to strive for higher achievements and establish their dominance.
  4. Share Strategies and Tips: Take advantage of community platforms, such as Reddit or game forums, where players discuss strategies, share tips, and offer advice. Engaging in these discussions allows you to learn from experienced players, gain insights into effective gameplay tactics, and discover new approaches to grow your mining empire.
  5. Exchange Resources: Create a network of resource exchange with other CEOs in your alliance. Trade surplus resources to obtain those you lack, ensuring a steady supply of essential materials. Sharing resources fosters interdependence, enhances efficiency, and facilitates collective growth.
  6. Support New CEOs: Offer guidance and support to new CEOs in your alliance. Share your knowledge, provide tips, and help them navigate the complexities of the game. Supporting new players not only strengthens the alliance but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie.
  7. Coordinate Strategic Initiatives: Coordinate strategic initiatives and joint efforts with your alliance members. Plan and execute synchronized actions to maximize the collective impact and optimize resource allocation. From expansion projects to large-scale market strategies, coordination can lead to mutual growth and success.

Continuous Growth and Updates

Earth Inc. is regularly updated with new content and features to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Here’s what you can expect in terms of updates and new content:

  1. Game Updates: The developers of Earth Inc. frequently release updates to improve gameplay mechanics, fix bugs, and enhance overall performance. These updates ensure a smooth and optimized gaming experience, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world of mining and corporate expansion.
  2. New Features: With each update, new features may be introduced to enhance gameplay and introduce exciting elements. These features can include new buildings, technologies, resources, or even new ways to generate income. These additions provide players with fresh strategies and opportunities, keeping the game dynamic and challenging.
  3. Expansions and Regions: The game may expand its existing regions or introduce entirely new regions for players to explore. These regions come with unique resources, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Unlocking new regions allows for further expansion of your mining empire and adds a sense of discovery and progression to the gameplay.
  4. In-Game Events: Earth Inc. may host in-game events on special occasions or holidays, offering exclusive rewards, bonuses, and challenges. These events provide additional goals and objectives for players to pursue, fostering a sense of excitement and community engagement.
  5. Community Feedback: The developers of Earth Inc. often take into account player feedback and suggestions when planning updates and new content. They listen to the community’s ideas, concerns, and desires, making adjustments and improvements based on player input. This ensures that the game remains engaging and enjoyable for its dedicated player base.
  6. Social Media Engagement: Stay connected with official Earth Inc. channels, such as social media pages or forums, to receive timely updates and announcements about new content releases, events, and community interactions. Engaging with the Earth Inc. community allows you to stay connected, share experiences, and discover new strategies from fellow players.


Earth Inc. offers an immersive gaming experience where players can become the CEOs of thriving mining empires. From digging the ground and mining valuable resources to expanding operations, upgrading technologies, and strategizing for global domination, Earth Inc. provides a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.

Through careful resource management, strategic decision-making, and collaboration with other CEOs, you can build a powerful mining empire and climb the global leaderboards. Continuously research new technologies, optimize production chains, and adapt to market demands to stay ahead of the competition.

Earth Inc. continues to evolve with regular updates and the addition of new features and content. Keep an eye out for these updates, as they bring fresh challenges, opportunities, and improvements to the game. Engage with the Earth Inc. community, share strategies, and stay informed about the latest developments to enhance your gameplay experience.

Remember, success in Earth Inc. comes from mastering the art of mining, making shrewd business decisions, and strategically expanding your operations. Embrace the excitement of entrepreneurship, maximize your profits, and dominate the global market in your quest to become the CEO of the biggest business on the planet.

Now, it’s time to jump into Earth Inc., unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, and embark on the journey of building the ultimate mining empire. Good luck and happy mining!

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