Ultimate Almost a Hero Guide 2023: Best Teams, Tier List and Tips & Tricks

Ultimate Almost a Hero Guide 2023: Best Teams, Tier List and Tips & Tricks
Written by Alexis

Almost a Hero is an incremental RPG that offers a wide variety of heroes to choose from. Each hero has their own abilities and role to play. Choosing the right heroes can determine how far you progress. This guide will outline the top heroes to focus on and effective team strategies.

Early Game Heroes

Early Game Heroes in Almost A Hero

When first starting out, these heroes offer the most value:

  • Vexx – The primary DPS hero. Her skills like Shockwave and Fast & Cheerful provide excellent AOE damage.
  • Sam – A tank with skills like Shield Em All that can absorb damage. His Slam stuns enemies.
  • Lenny – Strong offensive support. Rotten Apples blinds enemies and boosts Lenny’s damage.
  • Hilt – Decent early game damage dealer though outclassed later. Reversed Excalibur stuns groups.
  • Bellylarf – Can Taunt to draw aggro and shields allies. Provides some tankiness.

Mid to Late Game Heroes

These heroes shine once you have them leveled up:

  • Ron – Exceptional damage and AOE capabilities. Stampede summons animal waves that shred enemies.
  • Oy – Powerful tank that can shield allies and debuff enemies. Scarecrow is a must-have skill.
  • Tam – Support hero that buffs damage and stuns foes. Roar is an extremely valuable skill.
  • Redroh – Gives gold boosts with skills like Loose Change. Negotiate blinds enemies.
  • Jim – Versatile support that can shield, heal, and increase gold. Lullaby and Pretty Face are helpful.

End Game Optimal Team

End Game Optimal Team in Almost A Hero

The ideal end game team is:

  • Vexx as main DPS
  • Ron for AOE damage
  • Oy for tanking and support
  • Tam for buffs/debuffs
  • Redroh for gold boosts

This lineup provides excellent damage thanks to Vexx and Ron, sustainability from Oy’s tanking, and crucial buffs/utility from Tam and Redroh.

Key Strategies

  • Upgrade Vexx’s items first – her DPS matters most
  • Only level mythicals minimally – focus on regular artifacts
  • Balance offense and gold artifacts – damage and gold boost each other
  • Make sure to watch ad bonuses for gems
  • Spend gems on gear/artifacts – valuable permanent boosts
  • Farm Gates of Gog and Seasons for items/scraps when possible

In-Depth Guide to Almost a Hero
In-Depth Guide to Almost a Hero

Almost a Hero is an incremental RPG with a vast roster of heroes to collect. Each has their own abilities and roles. Choosing the right ones is key to advancing far. This comprehensive guide will break down optimal heroes for all stages, effective hero combinations, upgrade strategies, and how to push progression further.

Heroes for Early Game (Stages 1-300)

In the beginning, focus on these key heroes:

Vexx – The premier damage dealer. Her AOE skills like Shockwave and Earthquake can wipe out groups. Level her first.

Sam – His Shield Em All provides valuable protection. Slam stuns groups while Revenge buffs damage. Excellent early tank.

Lenny – Rotten Apples blinds enemies, boosting Lenny’s damage. Eat An Apple sustains him. Great offensive support.

Hilt – His ultimate Deadly Twirl hits all enemies. Reversed Excalibur is a useful stunning skill. Decent early damage.

Bellylarf – Can absorb damage with Taunt and shield allies. Lunch Time restores his health. Provides tankiness.

At stage 300, you’ll have access to enough heroes to start transitioning to more optimal teams.

Mid Game Team (Stages 300-700)

Around stage 300, begin transitioning to:

Vexx – Keep leveling her gear and skills. Her damage remains top tier.

Sam – His reflective damage and sustain from Transcendence become invaluable.

Tam – Roar buffs damage while Crow Attack blinds foes. Great support addition.

Redroh – Starts providing gold boosts from Loose Change. Can blind with Negotiate.

Flex Pick – Lenny for damage or Bellylarf/Jim for more defense.

This team balances damage from Vexx with support and sustainability. Tam’s buffs and Redroh’s gold boosts will help push stages.

Late Game Team (Stages 700+)

Late Game Team in Almost A Hero

Once into late game, this team comp shines:

Vexx – Her damage remains unparalleled. Keep her leveled and geared.

Ron – Ultimate AOE damage from skills like Stampede and Beast Mode.

Oy – His Scarecrow shields allies while debuffing foes. Excellent tank.

Tam – Her Roar and Flare skills provide the valuable buffs/debuffs.

Redroh – Loose Change gives big gold gains to push stages. Also blinds enemies.

Vexx and Ron put out huge damage numbers with AOE attacks. Oy tanks effectively while Tam disables groups. Redroh’s gold allows constantly leveling heroes and advancing stages.

Hero Upgrade Priority

  • Vexx’s gear – Her damage is #1 priority, so level her items first.
  • Gold heroes – Level Redroh’s and Jim’s gold skills early.
  • Tanks – Level Oy’s and Sam’s tanking skills after damage dealers.
  • Supports – Tam’s buffs/debuffs come after tanks.
  • Other damage – Ron and Hilt come after Vexx is geared up.

Artifact Upgrade Strategy

  • Focus on leveling regular artifacts evenly – best bang for buck.
  • Only put the minimum into mythicals – their bonuses don’t scale as well.
  • Balance damage and gold artifacts – they multiply each other’s effectiveness.
  • Reroll for the best prefixes like Boss/Epic Boss gold.
  • Keep unbinding and crafting new artifacts – having more total levels is key.

Progression Tips

  • Watch ads for bonus gems – they add up over time.
  • Spend gems for gear/artifacts – permanent upgrades over temporary boosts.
  • Farm Gog/Seasons when possible – gates and seasons provide valuable hero scraps.
  • Only upgrade hero skills that boost damage/utility – some skills become useless later on.
  • Prestige at milestone stages for mythstones – pushes progression further over grinding stages.
  • Use skills synergistically – coordinate damage buffs with AOE attacks for maximum impact.

With the right heroes like Vexx, Ron and Oy leveling artifacts efficiently, watching ads, and farming Gog/Seasons, you can push to the highest stages. Focus on damage and gold synergy. Aim for a balance of offense through skills like Shockwave and sustainability from talents like Scarecrow. With these tips, your team of wannabe heroes will reach their full potential.

Once you have a solid team and artifacts upgraded, more advanced tactics can further boost your progression. This section will dive into high-level strategies to power through stages.

Time Challenges

Time challenges are short stages offering mythstone rewards. A few tips:

  • Attempt them after prestiging for free tries without cooldowns.
  • Use skills and meteor early on large waves to progress faster.
  • Kill bosses quickly with damage buffs stacked.
  • Rotate heroes if one dies or skills are on cooldown.
  • Push as far as possible, but don’t waste time grinding hard stages.
  • Consistently reaching new personal bests will rapidly gain mythstones.

Ring Strategies

Ring usage can hugely impact run progress. Some pointers:

  • Lightning Ring is ideal for early game due to enhancing tap damage.
  • Ice Ring is better end game for the constant AOE slow debuff.
  • Only upgrade Ring Damage skills to buff the ring selected for that run.
  • Rune quality matters more than level. Prioritize the best damage rune available.
  • Watch for Ring Upgrade Cost Reduction bonuses to maximize upgrading.
  • Use skills like Nova and Absolute Zero to stack stuns and debuffs.

AEON Farming

AEON farming becomes crucial in the super late game:

  • Farm AEON only up to the soft cap of 1e308 to maximize gains.
  • Avoid unnecessary pushing beyond the soft cap as progress will slow.
  • Focus on Mythical artifacts and trinkets during AEON farming.
  • Level the Important First artifact before all other mythicals due to cost scaling.
  • Push further in Adventure Mode when new heroes or mythic trinkets are unlocked.
  • Always watch ads after rounds for extra Aeon. These add up substantially over time.

End Game Mythstone Usage

Strategic mythstone expenditure is key:

  • Save mythstones to immediately buy newly unlocked mythic items.
  • Only reroll unwanted stats on artifacts/trinkets when upgrades are cheap.
  • Level new artifacts to Max as they still provide scaling damage/gold.
  • Rotate trinkets between modes (Adventure, GoG, Seasons) to maximize usage.
  • Spend any excess stones on Important First for bonus AEON.
  • Avoid upgrading marginal stats like Boss Health on artifacts.

Almost a Hero – Hero Tier List

Almost a Hero - Hero Tier List

S Tier (Top Tier)

  • Vexx – The highest damage dealer in the game. Essential for pushing far. Keep her leveled and geared.
  • Ron – Ultimate AOE damage from skills like Stampede. One of the best for clearing waves.
  • Oy – Excellent tanking and support capabilities. Scarecrow is extremely valuable.

A Tier (Strong Heroes)

  • Tam – Provides important buffs like Roar and debuffs with Flare/Crow Attack.
  • Redroh – Loose Change gives big gold gains. Can blind foes with Negotiate.
  • Jim – Versatile support that can shield allies, stun foes, and boost gold.

B Tier (Situationally Useful)

  • Sam – Decent early game tanking but falls off later once Oy is obtained.
  • Lenny – Strong offensive support early until better supports are unlocked.
  • Hilt – Good damage early on until outscaled. Has some stun utility.
  • Bellylarf – Can tank with Taunt in early game. Shielding is mediocre.

C Tier (Minimally Helpful)

  • Wendle – Provides some support but very minimal in the late game.
  • Lia – RNG-based skills make her inconsistent. Lacks team synergy.
  • Nanna – Shielding weaker than other tanks. Damage not impactful enough.
  • Tam – Damage buff comes too late compared to other support heroes.

D Tier (Generally Useless)

  • Boomer – Lackluster damage and no utility. Outclassed easily.
  • Kind Lenny – Only useful in early game. Minimal impact after that.
  • Una – Provides no meaningful buffs or damage compared to top heroes.


Focus on maintaining top-tier heroes like Vexx, Ron, and Oy on your team. Pick complementary supports like Tam or Redroh to enable your damage dealers. Swap out lower tier heroes once you unlock better options. With the right team composition and upgrades, you’ll be dominating stages and adventure gates in no time.

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