Lumber Tycoon 2 Roblox Guide: Best Axe, Tips & Tricks, Money Cheats and More

Lumber Tycoon 2 Roblox Guide: Best Axe, Tips & Tricks, Money Cheats and More
Written by Alexis

Lumber Tycoon 2 on Roblox is a game where you chop down trees, process the wood, and sell lumber for money. Here is a complete guide on the best axes, making money quickly, and tips for success.

Best Axes

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These are the top axes to get:

  • Basic Hatchet – The starter axe given for free. Good for beginning.
  • Hardened Axe ($550) – Decent upgrade that can chop all wood types. Get this first.
  • Silver Axe ($2,040) – One of the best axes. Great for all trees including lava.
  • Rukiryaxe ($7,400) – The best axe overall. Fastest chop speed in the game.
  • Fire Axe – Extremely fast for lava wood. Buy from other players if possible.

Making Money

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Here are tips for making money fast in Lumber Tycoon 2:

  • Always upgrade to the best axe you can afford. Better axes = faster chopping.
  • Sell your land’s default sign right away for an instant $400.
  • Buy the Shabby Sawmill as soon as possible to automatically cut wood into planks.
  • Focus on chopping oak and birch trees at first to build up cash.
  • Once you can afford it, switch to lava wood. It sells for the most money.
  • Buy better trucks/trailers to haul more wood per trip. The Val’s All-Purpose is best.
  • Having multiple large trailers and repeatedly farming lava wood is key for making millions.

More Tips

  • Watch out for scammers trying to sell “rare” unobtainable axes or items. They don’t exist.
  • Buy items needed for the Rukiryaxe during Halloween event when they are cheaper.
  • Join the Lumber Tycoon 2 Fan Group to report exploiters and scammers to mods.
  • Check out seasonal Halloween or Christmas events for special items.
  • Build an efficient wood delivery system on your base to maximize profits.
  • Play with friends – having more people speeds up chopping and hauling wood.

Making Your Base Efficient

Once you have earned good money, invest it back into your base to maximize productivity:

  • Build a raised and enclosed delivery area so you can drive up and quickly unload lumber.
  • Use conveyor belts and teleporters to automatically transport wood from your vehicle to the sellers.
  • Place your sawmills close to your delivery area so planks get processed quickly.
  • Arrange your axe and vehicle spawners near the entrance for easy access.
  • Use bridges and ramps so you can drive around your base faster.
  • Decorate your base with your extra money to show off your success!

Server Hopping

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Server hopping can be beneficial:

  • Hop servers to find one where it is currently nighttime to easily locate sinister trees.
  • Join low population servers to have axe sellers and wood dropoffs all to yourself.
  • Switch to servers with an active Halloween or Christmas event to get seasonal items.
  • Find servers where popular axe sellers are currently located to buy rare axes.

Making Alt Accounts

Having alternative accounts can also help:

  • Use an alt account as additional storage for your extra vehicles and valuable items.
  • Position an alt account axe seller at your base so you always have axe access.
  • Give an alt account small starting cash to buy you axes you can’t yet afford on your main.
  • Use an alt to quickly collect all daily log-in bonuses which you can transfer to your main account.

Taking Breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks occasionally as well:

  • Log out and take short breaks during play to rest your hands. Chopping endless trees can strain your hands.
  • If the grind starts feeling too repetitive, take a break for a while. The game will still be there.
  • Stay hydrated and eat during long play sessions. It’s easy to forget self-care while grinding for hours.
  • Get active exercise to offset sitting playing the game for a long time. Go for a walk or do some stretches.

VIP Servers

Getting a VIP server can be very beneficial:

  • No competing players to interfere with your wood grinding.
  • Easily find sinister trees yourself by manually generating the server Halloween map.
  • Farm lava wood endlessly without it respawning for other players.
  • Test out exploit scripts without risk of reporting and bans.

Exploiting and Scripting
image from Lumber tycoon 2 - trucks

Use exploits and scripts with caution:

  • Scripts that teleport your character or instantly break trees are bannable offenses.
  • Subtler scripts that auto farm wood provide an advantage but be wary of detection.
  • Exploit bugs like teleporting wood through walls quickly before they get patched.
  • Download lumber collection scripts to farm and sell wood automatically even when offline.

Limited Items

Take advantage of limited time items:

  • Buy up stacks of boxes during Christmas event to resell out of season at inflated prices.
  • Server hop on Halloween to amass rare sinister wood then sell to collectors.
  • Snatch holiday axes like Gingerbread Axe when available to flip for profits later.
  • Place buy orders for unobtanious axes and immediately relist them higher.

Playing the Market

Learn to play the market:

  • Analyze item demand and availability to decide what to invest in and flip.
  • Mass purchase underpriced axes people are quick selling and relist them.
  • Allow bidding wars to drive up axe resale values before selling.
  • Monitor discord wood trading channels to find eager bulk buyers.


Alts can enable more market manipulation:

  • Use an alt account to generate artificial demand and bidding wars for your own auctions.
  • Coordinate alt accounts on both sides of trading to circumvent maximum price caps.
  • Give alts money to place high buy orders you can then instantly fulfill from your main.

Efficient Replanting

Replanting chopped trees can be extremely lucrative:

  • Plant oak and birch saplings in organized rows to easily mass farm them.
  • Arrange lava saplings in a grid formation near your base for quick access.
  • Use the Sapling Mutation method to grow gold and other special tree types.
  • Plant expensive holiday-themed saplings before events end to profit later.
  • Regularly fertilize trees to increase yield and shorten growth time.

Optimizing Your Base

Further base building tips:

  • Construct towering ramps to easily drive over buildings and terrain obstacles.
  • Install side rails on steep ramps so your vehicle doesn’t slip off edges.
  • Use neon signs and arrows to mark important locations and direct traffic flow.
  • Build an elevated and enclosed bridge between wood zones for safe passage.
  • Set up lights across your base so you can work efficiently at night.

Server Selection

Choosing your server matters:

  • Join low-latency servers in your geographic region for smoother gameplay.
  • Favorite low population servers and rejoin them for consistent access to resources.
  • Avoid servers with high toxicity levels in chat for a better experience.
  • Select servers where top axe sellers are currently active to buy from.

Using Alts

Further alt account usages:

  • Store surplus vehicles on alts so they don’t exceed your main’s property limits.
  • Funnel all your alt accounts’ earnings to your main account.
  • Use an alt to run a secondary base on its land with more working sawmills.
  • Deploy alts at in-game stores to buy limited items faster.

Avoiding Bans

shipping in lumber tycoon 2

Steer clear of bans:

  • Don’t share exploit scripts, techniques or duplicated items.
  • Be subtle with questionable scripts or the anti-cheat system may flag you.
  • Selling duped or exploited items can get you banned. Only use them personally.
  • Remain patient if incorrectly banned. Unban appeals may take time.


With dedication and shrewd business practices, the lumber tycoon world is yours for the taking. Just remember to stay on the right side of the rules. Happy wood farming and get that virtual bread!

Play Lumber Tycoon 2 here.

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