Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains – Ultimate Guide

Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains - Ultimate Guide
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Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains is an exciting mobile game inspired by the highly popular dark fantasy manga and anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. Developed by Funimation, this game allows fans to dive deeper into the world of ghouls and quinxes, battling their way through multiple scenarios in the city of Tokyo.

The game offers a unique blend of action, strategy, and RPG elements that keeps players engaged. Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains incorporates fan-favorite characters such as Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, and Kishou Arima. Gamers can play as both ghouls and quinxes, allowing for a multi-faceted gaming experience that immerses players in the twisted world of Tokyo Ghoul.

In Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains, players can level up their chosen characters, unlock new abilities, and upgrade equipment to become virtually unstoppable. The eye-catching graphics, smooth gameplay mechanics, and fascinating story based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime series make this game a must-have for fans and newcomers alike.

The Gameplay and Mechanics of Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains

Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains - Ultimate Guide

Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains offers players a dynamic turn-based combat system that employs strategic, team-based action. Players can assemble their teams with up to six characters, including both ghouls and quinxes. The choice of characters, their skills, and positioning on the battlefield play a crucial role in winning battles against formidable opponents.

Each character in Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains possesses a unique set of skills acquired as they level up. There are active skills that players can trigger during battles and passive skills that grant certain bonuses or effects to the character. Skill development results in more powerful combinations, enhancing a character’s combat proficiency and versatility.

The character classes within the game are divided into three main types: Strength, Speed, and Intelligence. Each class has distinct abilities and strengths, lending a layer of strategic depth to team composition. Strength characters excel in physical attacks and high durability. Speed characters are agile and can dodge incoming attacks with ease. Intelligence characters focus on ranged and magical attacks, manipulating the battle with debuffs and control abilities.

Furthermore, the game features an elemental system with five elements – Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Dark. Balancing the team’s elemental attributes helps players gain an advantage in battles, as specific elements have enhanced effectiveness against others. The elemental affinity system encourages strategic use of characters with varying abilities and resistances, keeping the gameplay fresh and tactically challenging.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains introduces the innovative “Tap Combo” system, allowing players to chain consecutive normal attacks for continuous damage. By timing their taps with the on-screen prompts, players can execute a succession of devastating blows. These combos can be further enhanced by triggering a character’s special skill, unleashing massive damage on foes.

Additionally, each character comes equipped with a powerful ultimate ability known as a “Ghoul Technique” (for ghouls) or “Quinque Technique” (for quinxes). These abilities, when charged and activated during combat, can quickly turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor. The stunning animations accompanying these techniques perfectly capture the intensity and elegance of the Tokyo Ghoul anime.

Players can forge alliances and participate in cooperative PvE battles in Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains. The cooperative battles offer challenging boss encounters and require players to work together, strategizing and combining their characters’ abilities for maximum effectiveness. Successful completion of these battles yields valuable rewards, including rare materials required for upgrading equipment and enhancing skills.

Besides the turn-based combat, Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains provides players with a rich set of RPG elements, such as character development, equipment crafting, and skill enhancement. Players can acquire various types of equipment, including weapons, armor, and accessories, to empower their characters and maximize their potential in battle.

The game also includes a friendship system, where players can interact with their favorite Tokyo Ghoul characters by fulfilling their requests and giving them gifts. Building relationships with these characters leads to unlocking exclusive storylines, bonuses, and even new abilities.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains delivers immersive storytelling, taking players on a journey through iconic scenes and memorable arcs from the anime. Players will also have the opportunity to enhance their characters’ abilities and equipment by completing side missions. Participating in events and challenges enables gamers to unlock unique items, providing an exciting and progressive gameplay experience.

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Tips and Tricks for Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains

Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains - Ultimate Guide

As players delve into the world of Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains, some tips and tricks can help optimize their gaming experience and swiftly progress in the game.

  1. Team Composition: Your team composition plays an important role in battles. Ensure that your team has a balanced mix of Strength, Speed, and Intelligence characters, along with a well-rounded combination of elemental affinities. This balance helps exploit enemy weaknesses effectively and ensures your team’s adaptability in various situations. Test different combinations and identify the synergies within your team that cater to your preferred playstyle.
  2. Elemental Advantages: Remember the elemental affinities and their corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Fire is strong against Wood, Wood is strong against Water, and Water is strong against Fire. Light and Dark elements, meanwhile, are effective against each other. Utilizing these elemental advantages in battles can yield significant results. Strategize and swap team members based on the elemental affinities of your opponents.
  3. Manage Skill Upgrades: Allocating skill points and upgrading a character’s abilities is vital for optimal performance in battles. Prioritize skills that make a substantial impact during fights, such as damage-dealing abilities or those boosting your characters’ ultimate techniques. Avoid wasting skill points on less effective upgrades by planning a character’s development path.
  4. Equipment Enhancement: As you progress in the game, upgrading and enhancing equipment becomes crucial. Identify your characters’ strengths and weaknesses and craft or upgrade equipment that complements their capabilities. Pay close attention to acquiring resources that will benefit the enhancement of your character’s equipment. Upgrading equipment not only increases individual character strength but also bolsters your team’s overall power.
  5. Participate in Events: Don’t miss out on limited-time events, as they are a great source of valuable rewards and resources. These events help obtain rare items that may be difficult to find in the regular gameplay. From event-exclusive characters to powerful equipment, participating in events can significantly improve your team’s progress and increase your chances of overcoming challenging battles.
  6. Master the Combo System: Practice the “Tap Combo” system by familiarizing yourself with the timing of on-screen prompts. Mastering this system will not only maximize the consecutive normal attacks but also make battles more engaging. Combining normal attacks with the precise use of special skills can result in deadly combos capable of dispatching even the toughest opponents.
  7. Complete Daily Missions: Ensure to complete daily missions and objectives, as they offer additional resources and rewards that contribute to your overall progress. From leveling up characters to upgrading equipment, daily missions provide essential materials and currency needed throughout the game.
  8. Save Resources for Top-Tier Characters: As you recruit more characters, managing your resources becomes crucial. Prioritize upgrading and enhancing your top-tier characters with higher potential over characters that may eventually become less useful. This efficient resource allocation will provide long-term benefits in both PvE and PvP modes.
  9. Diversify Character Styles: Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains presents a wide array of characters, each with unique playstyles. Experiment with various characters and avoid relying solely on a handful of favorites. A diverse roster enables flexibility in composing effective team combinations tailored for specific opponents or gameplay modes.
  10. Engage in Cooperative Battles: Forging alliances and participating in cooperative PvE battles not only yield valuable rewards but also provide an opportunity to learn from other players. Observe the character compositions and strategies employed by fellow players and apply these insights to enhance your gameplay.

Mastering these tips and tricks in Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains will significantly enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to overcome challenges and fully enjoy the Tokyo Ghoul universe.

A Comprehensive Character Guide

Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains - Ultimate Guide

One of the most compelling aspects of Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains is its diverse roster of characters from the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Players can recruit an extensive array of characters, each with unique skills, abilities, and playstyles. Here are some key characters that play an essential role in the game, along with tips to utilize their potential effectively:

  • Ken Kaneki: The central figure of Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains, Ken Kaneki boasts a blend of formidable Strength and Speed, showcasing exemplary prowess in combat. His versatile skill-set, coupled with his iconic Ghoul Technique, makes him a force to be reckoned with. To maximize his potential, focus on developing his damage-dealing abilities and his capability to endure enemy assaults.
  • Touka Kirishima: An expert in Speed, Touka excels in high-speed attacks that dodge enemy attacks effectively. Her ability to weaken foes and boost her team’s combat potential makes her a powerful ally on the field. For Touka, prioritize enhancing her agility and attack speed, augmenting her dodge capabilities, and developing skills that debilitate enemies.
  • Kishou Arima: A renowned investigator, Kishou Arima dominates his opponents with his Intelligence-based abilities. Specializing in ranged and control attacks, Arima is a tactical asset for any team composition. Strengthen Arima’s ability to control the battlefield by upgrading the potency of his debuffs and ensuring his ranged attacks land critical hits that destabilize enemy formations.
  • Noro: A classic example of a Strength character, Noro boasts impressive durability and potent physical attacks. His role as a tank allows him to soak up damage, enabling more fragile allies to perform their tasks unhindered. Improve Noro’s survivability by focusing on his health, defense, and abilities that enable damage absorption.
  • Haise Sasaki: Sasaki, a well-rounded quinx, brings balance to any team with his balanced stats in Strength, Speed, and Intelligence. His Quinque Technique and ability to support his teammates through healing and buffs make him invaluable. Haise’s versatility calls for a well-rounded approach. Upgrade his supportive capabilities and focus on enhancing his damage output, complementing his team’s unique requirements.
  • Juuzou Suzuya: An outstanding investigator, Juuzou Suzuya’s agility and speed, combined with his dual-wielding weapon style, make him a formidable combatant in close-range battles. When developing Suzuya, concentrate on maximizing his speed and critical hit rate, optimizing his offensive abilities.
  • Hinami Fueguchi: As an Intelligence-oriented character, Hinami excels in devastating magical attacks and boasts valuable supportive capabilities. Amplify Hinami’s magical damage output and elevate her ability to strengthen allies through buffs and enemy debuffs.
  • Shuu Tsukiyama: Shuu’s expertise lies in Strength and Speed, making him a valuable character whose balanced attributes contribute to any team. Improve Shuu’s robust melee attacks and his ability to swiftly evade incoming damage.
  • Akira Mado: A skilled investigator, Akira Mado’s Intelligence and supportive abilities make her a worthy addition to the team composition. Focus on upgrading her control skills and her potential to enhance her teammates’ performance through buffs.

Remember, discovering each character’s potential and synergies will play a key role in tailoring your team composition for success. Don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt to the ever-changing challenges in Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains. Combining the right set of characters with their corresponding skills can significantly enhance your in-game progress.

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The Storyline and Its Correlation to the Tokyo Ghoul Anime Series

Mastering Tokyo Ghoul Break The Chains - Ultimate Guide

Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains sets itself apart from other mobile games by developing a narrative that not only honors the source material but also expands on it. This engaging storyline, coupled with the well-executed gameplay mechanics, creates a memorable gaming experience for players.

The game’s narrative takes players on a journey through the world of Tokyo Ghoul, revisiting iconic locations from the anime series like Anteiku, Cochlea prison, and various wards within Tokyo. As players progress, they will encounter familiar faces, shedding light on their backstories while engaging in both cooperative and antagonistic battles.

The game revolves around a series of story arcs that correspond to essential developments in the Tokyo Ghoul anime. By doing so, it achieves a harmonious balance between faithfully retelling the original plot and introducing new challenges that keep the gameplay fresh. This familiar yet refreshing storyline allows long-time fans to relive the adventures of their favorite characters and offers newcomers an enticing introduction to the Tokyo Ghoul universe.

In addition to the main storyline, Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains presents various side stories and event-exclusive narratives. These side stories often delve into aspects of the Tokyo Ghoul world that were unexplored in the main anime series, providing bonus content that enriches the overall gaming experience. Some side stories explore the pasts of minor characters, while others offer alternate paths for the main characters. Event-exclusive storylines showcase unique scenarios that challenge your team compositions and strategies, usually accompanied by substantial rewards upon completion.

One of the game’s standout features is the inclusion of audio and written dialogue from the original Tokyo Ghoul voice actors. The impressive voice acting, combined with the engaging narrative, provides an immersive experience that effortlessly weaves the game’s story into the fabric of the broader Tokyo Ghoul universe.

Throughout their journey in Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains, players will encounter various factions, each with a unique role in shaping the game’s narrative. These factions include the infamous Aogiri Tree, the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), and several independent ghoul and quinx groups. Players will face choices that impact their allegiance to these factions and, consequently, the progression of the story. Such decisions create a branching narrative that caters to individual preferences and creates a replayable experience, allowing players to explore the multiple possible outcomes.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains manages to deliver a gaming experience that artfully combines an engrossing storyline with strategic and challenging gameplay. By correlating its narrative to the anime series, the game pays homage to the beloved Tokyo Ghoul universe while simultaneously offering opportunities for players to forge their own paths. Through character interactions, meaningful decisions, and enthralling story arcs, Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains successfully captures the essence of its source material and invites players on a thrilling adventure that is distinctly their own.


Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains offers an immersive gaming experience for fans of the popular anime/manga series and newcomers alike. The game combines turn-based strategic battles with exciting RPG elements, enhancing its appeal. Mastering core gameplay mechanics, optimizing team composition, and understanding character synergies are essential to overcome the challenges presented throughout the game.

By focusing on character development, effectively utilizing elemental affinities, and engaging in cooperative gameplay, players can fully appreciate the depth of Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains. This game provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Tokyo Ghoul, allowing gamers to interact with their favorite characters, relive iconic moments from the anime, and craft their unique strategies for success in battles.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains, honing your skills as both a ghoul and quinx, and discover the boundless possibilities that the game has to offer.

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