The Similarities Between iGaming and Gaming

Written by Sylvester Greer

As the worlds of gaming and iGaming grow, they influence each other. As a result, you’ll find many similarities between the two. Other than the fact that online casinos revolve around money and thus target adults, video titles influence and are influenced by online casino games.


These two industries are becoming even more connected as technology advances. They draw inspiration from each other regarding games, sharing responsibility, supporting crypto, and more. 


To find out all about it, stay tuned. We’ll define online casino and video games and highlight all the similarities. 

What Are Online Casino Games?

Online casino games are titles found on online platforms. You can entertain yourself with them in internet-based casinos by registering, funding your account, and wagering on them. These include slots, lotteries, table games, and live games. 

What Are Video Games?

Video games are sometimes called computer games. They can be played using input devices like joysticks, keyboards, or controllers. These types of games serve various purposes: improving specific skills and entertainment. The different kinds of video games include arcade, home video games, and esports, to name a few.

The Similarities:

There are many aspects in which the iGaming and gaming industries influence each other. Some aren’t obvious, but these two worlds meet at specific points. If you’re a fan of one and don’t pay attention to the other, you might not be aware of these similarities. 

Variety in Games and Game Types

Like casino games, video games have a wide variety to choose from. Both industries accommodate various types of players. However, these two intertwine because well-known video games inspire some casino titles. It is significantly more popular with slots that have different themes.


Also, certain video games, like The Witcher, feature mini-gambling games. For instance, The Witcher 1 has a dice poker game, while The Witcher 3 has a card game. 

Safety and Security

Since both industries allow online playing, they’re highly secure. They protect users with the latest technological security measures. Since players must enter their details when registering to play, their information is secured.


The same goes when they fund their accounts, especially in online casinos; these are protected from cyber crimes. On top of that, they also encourage players not to share their personal information and to gamble responsibly.

Supporting Cryptos

Gamers, specifically online casino players, like cryptocurrencies because it keeps gamers anonymous. The gaming and iGaming industries have adapted to this new currency.


You can purchase some video games with crypto. There are crypto-end casinos, and some feature various crypto payments. It means you can fund your casino accounts with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins and bet with them.

The Integration of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) was first implemented in the gaming industry. Video gamers were allowed to experience the thrill and excitement of their favorites. It’s also being slowly implemented into the online casino world, where you can play games as though you’re in an actual casino establishment.

Mobile Friendly

The availability of faster internet connection and the convenience of accessing games on the go has led to the gaming and iGaming sectors investing in more mobile-friendly games. You’ll find that most casinos have a mobile app or site accessible on a mobile device’s web browser.


There are also casino games you can download and play on your phone. The same goes for video games; gamers can play their favorite titles on the go.

In Closing

Gaming and iGaming are different gaming industries that have certain similarities. Most of these similarities are rooted in the fact that you can find both types of gaming online. They change and are improved with technology.


As a result, you’ll find that they accommodate various players through game variety, security, and payment options, to name a few. 


Although video games do not revolve around money, you’ll find that some feature mini-games with a gambling element. They encourage and provide safety and security. 


The same goes for online casino titles. You’ll find some that imitate or have adopted specific video game themes. They’ve also implemented VR to give players an even more thrilling experience from the comfort of their homes.

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