The Medium by Bloober Team was in development since 2013

The Medium by Bloober Team was in development since 2013
Written by Ankit Gaba

In early 2013 Bloober Team received a grant for The Medium, which means that it was in development since 2013; that is a long time, but it could have been in the Pre-Production/Idea Stages.
Bloober Team managed to get moderate reception on The Medium. I am pretty sure they expected way more than that since it was in development for 7 years.
You can check out our review of The Medium here.

Image from The Medium
Bloober Team also received grants for some other projects, but I am pretty sure Silent Hill is not one of them since Konami will most likely pay all the development costs and everything like that.
Most people have low expectations for Silent Hill by Bloober Team since most of Bloober’s Games have not received a great reception. Many people thought Kojima was working on a Silent Hill Game with the Bluebox Conspiracy Theories.
I hope that Bloober Team somehow manage to surprise everyone with their next game if not there are 2 Silent Hill Games in development anyway and one of them is developed by a “Prominent Japanese Developer” if the Japanese Developer is good I am pretty sure the fans would be satisfied
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