The history of iGaming: Why has it become so popular?

The world of iGaming has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. What once started on small and uncertain soil in the 90s has transformed into a highly profitable multi-billion-pound industry.

Regardless of whether you’re a dedicated punter or just play the odd game, you’ve more than likely been exposed to some form of iGaming throughout your adult life. In this article, we take a look at the history of iGaming, including what has made it so popular.

Technological advancements and accessibility

Casino games and sports betting have always been prevalent; however, long gone are the days of visiting land-based casinos or betting shops. With advancements in technology, iGaming has never been so easy and is accessible to almost everyone with an electronic device.

This was particularly beneficial during the pandemic when going into non-essential stores was prohibited. Instead, players were able to join gaming communities from the comfort of their homes. These outlets provided some much-needed respite and allowed people to still continue with their hobbies in a safer way.

Since then, the shift has been permanent, with most playing games online or on the go. The 24/7 service and support means that gaming is also possible whatever the time of day, ensuring ultimate convenience. With some companies testing Virtual Reality (VR), iGaming may soon be more realistic than ever before.

Gamification and game selection

Online casino games haven’t just stuck to the same old classic format, they’ve grown to add extra elements and opportunities for different types of engagement. These mechanics keep interest in the game and are more likely to retain new and existing players.

As an example, some games have tournaments that enable players to compete against one another for a prize. Similarly, daily goals or missions can keep players coming back every day to see what they can get involved in next. Players can even connect with the game on a more personal level by creating their very own avatar that they feel represents them.

The variety of games in the iGaming universe is staggering. From table games to slot machines and live dealer options, players are sure to never be bored. Even games like online bingo have various unique themes to ensure there’s always something to match your preferences.

Increased regulation and security

Since iGaming often involves the exchange of money, it’s important that regulations are in place to protect consumers. The industry has seen strict regulations put in place to ensure players are safe, which has boosted confidence.

In fact, most countries now have regulatory bodies that oversee all types of online gaming, guaranteeing fair play and protection of players. Additionally, a combination of data encryption technologies and secure payment methods means communities feel safe spending money online and are more likely to return to a specific game.

Most gaming platforms have implemented tools that enable players to make responsible decisions regarding their gambling behaviours. For example, deposit limits, cooling-off periods, and stake parameters allow players to feel confident that when the fun stops, it truly does stop.

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