The Crew Motorfest: A Comprehensive Guide to Gameplay and Activities

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This extensive guide is dedicated to helping you understand the multiple facets of The Crew Motorfest, an exciting racing game that immerses you in the action and thrill of various driving experiences. We promise to encompass an in-depth look at the many features embedded in this game, from the playlists, main stages, and the three types of XP categories to collection imports, car meeting points, and the challenge of every race.

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Playlists: Your Gateway to Adventure
Playlists: Your Gateway to Adventure in The Crew Motorfest

Playlists are essentially the crux of The Crew Motorfest. They are created by curating a series of races around a specific theme, along with an immersive story background. Notably, the game initially provides players with loaned vehicles for these races. Upon completion of the entire playlist, you gain access to those races for all cars and can replay them in different modes like Playlist, Main Stage, or Custom.

Each mode shapes your gameplay. For instance, the Playlist recreates the race conditions using the initial loaned vehicle. The Main Stage mode engages you in locked races, drawing from the ongoing Main Stage theme. The Custom mode provides a more personalized experience, allowing you to race with the car of your choice and add interesting race modifiers like weather conditions or a “Clean Driving” bonus.

The completion of a playlist not only generates a sense of accomplishment but also unlocks challenges. These challenges, found in the “Activities” menu, provide opportunities to earn additional Bucks and XP along with exclusive rewards like Clothes and Vanities. It’s good to bear in mind that some playlists may require specific cars to access them, such as the Porsche Taycan needed for the Electric Odyssey. The game developers, Ubisoft, announced that players can expect a new playlist every season.

Main Stage: Long Run Place for Players

Main Stage: Long Run Place for Players in The Crew Motorfest

The Main Stage feature becomes available after you complete three playlists of your choice. It boasts a monthly changing theme with a sub-theme that refreshes every week, somewhat relatable to the TC2 Summit. The Main Stage is split into three XP bars identified as Revisit, Compete, and Explore.

Revisit XP: The Journey of Solo Progression

Revisit XP, also known as Solo Mode, is your gauge of progression in solo play. You can level up your Revisit XP, identifiable through its BLUE color, by playing new playlists, repeating races you have already completed, or completing playlist challenges with a BLUE XP logo.

Compete XP: The Thrill of Player Versus Player FaceOffs

Compete XP, marked in ORANGE, represents your competitive engagements with other players. You can add to the Compete XP by participating in the Summit Contest or playing some PvP.

The Summit, a prominent activity in TC2, is a seven-day competition running from Wednesday 4AM UTC to the following Wednesday. It comprises nine distinct races requiring specific cars. Your participation in these races, based on your Personal Best (PB), yields Summit points.

The classification hierarchy in the Summit divides the players into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum categories depending upon their performance.

Participating in a Summit race puts you in the Bronze category. The Silver category hosts players in the 30k to 20k top players’ range. Gold’s arena is between 20k to the 10k, and Platinum welcomes the best 10k players.

For every three unique races you finish, you receive additional rewards like XP, Spare Parts, or even Cars. Completion of all nine races adds a bonus 100k points to your total Summit score.

If you lack the required car for a Summit, fret not! The game provides two solutions: Bundles and Team Play. The Shop offers a bundle of required cars at a -20% off coincide with every Summit. Alternatively, you can team up with someone who possesses the needed car to launch the race, thereby providing you with a loaned car of basic performance.

Compete XP: PvP in Grand Races and Destruction Royale

Compete XP: PvP in Grand Races and Destruction Royale in The Crew Motorfest

The PvP mode in The Crew Motorfest caters to two experiences: Grand Races and Destruction Royale. Both modes refresh their settings every 30 minutes.

The Grand Races offer epic 28 player races, split into three sections for three car categories, estimated to last about 10 minutes each. The rewards are essentially similar for all participants, but a multiplier based on your final results (150% for 1st place) enhances your rewards.

Car performance does not play a determining role here, as experienced players with Legendary Sets and new players are evened out. All cars maintain the same performance level. However, some cars perform better than others at the same level, contributing to the “Meta” for PvP.

The Destruction Royale, on the other hand, is The Crew Motorfest’s take on Battle Royale. You team up with three other players to form a crew, fighting against a maximum of eight crews or 32 players. The objective is simple: remain the last surviving crew.

You can decide your “drop” point from the plane. Upon selection, you will appear in a Destruction Derby car. Bonuses and other players are identifiable on your map.

There are three types of bonuses that are applied to your entire crew: Damage (Red), which increases the harm you inflict when crashing into someone. Shield (Blue) provides an additional shield over your health. Ultimate (Yellow) permits a limited time transformation into a Monster Truck with enhanced speed, damage, and resistance.

Just like the Grand Races, the base rewards are identical for all participants with a multiplier applied based on your crew’s final score.

Explore: The Freedom of Roam and Collectables
Explore: The Freedom of Roam and Collectables in The Crew Motorfest

The Explore XP, recognizable by its GREEN color, revolves around maximizing the freedom element in the game. You can gain Explore XP by indulging in Free Roaming activities like drifting, jumping, speeding, among others, or by collecting treasures.

Treasures contain car parts, XP, and Bucks, with the added advantage that the parts you get are always specific to the car with which you open the treasure.

Legend Levels: The Final Frontier of the XP Journey

Reaching Level 4 in any of the three types of XP transitions your gameplay into the Legend State. This stage allows continuous leveling up with whichever XP you already reached Level 4 with. It also boasts rewards unique to it, reflecting the current Monthly Main Stage theme.

Additional Features of The Crew Motorfest

Collection Import from TC2 to The Crew Motorfest

The game provides the facility to import your Cars and Vanities inherited from TC2 to The Crew Motorfest, but the process is irreversible. However, you will retain your cars in TC2 without any issues. Just bear in mind that the Collection Import process may not work seamlessly for everyone.

Car Meet: The Social Junction

The Car Meet houses the Main Stage, The Custom Show and is the gathering point for other players.

Custom Show: The Beauty Contest of Cars

Every week, the Custom Show offers players a chance to submit their car for a beauty contest. The contest’s popularity relies on upvotes from the player community, and the top 10 players winning the most upvotes receive rewards.

Winning in The Crew Motorfest: It’s the Basics

Winning in The Crew Motorfest: It's the Basics

Although The Crew Motorfest may appear complex, once accustomed to the game, it’s rather simple to win every race. It adheres to the basic principles common to most driving games: slow down during turns, focus more on your driving than on other players, and prioritize driving clean. With its demand for smart gameplay, The Crew Motorfest is an exhilarating blend of challenge, entertainment, and satisfaction.

Personalizing Your Vehicles: Making Your Mark

Now that we’ve delved into the technical aspects of racing and competition in the Crew Motorfest, let’s touch upon the aesthetic dimension of the game – customization of your vehicles.

Certainly, a significant part of the allure of racing games beyond the adrenaline-pumping speed and intense competition, is the opportunity to put your personal stamp on your ride of choice. The Crew Motorfest provides an extensive range of customizable options for your vehicle that allows you to express your style and make a statement on the track.

Vehicle Modification: An Arena for Creativity

The Crew Motorfest comes equipped an impressive selection of both cosmetic and performance modifications. You can showcase your individuality and taste, by altering the paint scheme, applying stickers or changing the wheels of your vehicle. If you look beyond the cosmetic, you can modify the various aspects of the vehicle’s performance- from the car’s infrastructure and turbo mechanisms, to the suspension system and exhaust mods. This is not just to amp the car’s capabilities and speed, but also to enhance your overall racing experience.

The Allure of Legendary Sets

The Legendary Sets in The Crew Motorfest provide a glimpse into the superior capabilities of some of the game’s best car modifications. These sets offer powerful buffs and perks that enhance your vehicle’s performance significantly. Whether you thrive on straight-line speed, the thrill of drifting corners, or the challenge of off-road terrain, there are Legendary Sets tailored to boost your performance and style. While these are not instantly available to all players, they become an integral part of gameplay as one advances in the game, offering an extra dimension of excitement and reward.

Venturing into the Racing World: Mastering the Tracks and Environments
Venturing into the Racing World: Mastering the Tracks and Environments in The Crew Motorfest

Continuing along, it’s time to focus on the diversity of racing tracks and environments in The Crew Motorfest. In addition to the multiplayer options we discussed earlier, the game offers a vast, immersive world that spans a variety of landscapes, weather conditions, and racing styles.

Varied Crossover Environment: The Ultimate Test

The Crew Motorfest offers players the opportunity to drive, fly and speedboat their way around a scaled-down representation of the United States. The variety of racing environments in the game is staggering. From the concrete jungles of urban America, the arid expanse of desert stretches, the dizzying heights of snow-capped mountain passes, to the tranquility of the country’s beautiful coastlines, there’s a suitable backdrop for every racing taste.

However, to truly excel in The Crew Motorfest and capitalize on car customization and mod options, it’s not enough to merely race; one must also master the environments. Understanding the track layouts and identifying the best routes can make a significant difference in race outcomes. A player who knows when to cut corners, where to take jumps, and how to leverage straight paths to gain a speed advantage has an edge over others.

Multi-Platform Racing: Embrace Variety
Multi-Platform Racing: Embrace Variety of The Crew Motorfest

Whilst The Crew Motorfest is predominantly a car racing game, it does not limit itself to one racing platform. The game introduces fans to a multifaceted thrill-packed racing world that equally includes speedboats, airplanes, and motorcycles. It’s an opportunity to change the racing game’s pace and level-up your skills in different environments that keep you challenged and engrossed.

Motorcycle Racing: Conquer Freedom and Speed

Many players find that the game’s motorcycle races offer a thrilling alternative to car racing. Riding a motorbike in The Crew Motorfest provides a different kind of excitement as you lean through turns and throttle down straightways. Furthermore, racing motorcycles in various environments enhances the sense of speed and fuels an adrenaline rush unmatched by car racing.

Aviation Races: Soar High Above the Ground

For those who crave heights and enjoy the thrill of flight, aviation races in The Crew Motorfest might be your new favorite challenge. These races provide a unique perspective and experience by transporting the action to the skies. The handling of aircraft and mastering tricks while airborne injects a refreshed aspect into the game, making it an even more well-rounded racing experience.

Speedboat Races: Make Waves in a Thrilling Race

The Crew Motorfest effectively proves that exciting races aren’t confined to land or air alone. Speedboat races are a test of a new set of skills on the water’s surface. These races vary from high-speed challenges on clear water bodies to navigating tight corners around islands and avoiding obstacles, presenting a delightful racing engagement.

Leagues and Championships: Going Beyond Racing

Taking the lead from individual races, The Crew Motorfest brings variety with leagues and championship tournaments. Participating in these offers a different dynamic in terms of ongoing rivalry, intense neck-to-neck competition, and ultimate bragging rights at stake.

These tournaments often have exclusive prizes and benefits that single races won’t offer. They stimulate renewed excitement and a sense of persistent challenge, making The Crew Motorfest an ever-engrossing gaming experience.

Experiencing the Racing Community: Shared Thrills, Collective Achievements

Experiencing the Racing Community: Shared Thrills, Collective Achievements in The Crew Motorfest

To round up our extensive guide, we can’t miss discussing the engaging community aspect of The Crew Motorfest. The game actively promotes social features that allow you to connect, compete, and cooperate with other players. You can form crews with friends or other players worldwide, compete in exciting challenges, share your proudest moments and favorite routes, and even compare your epic rides.

Being part of such an interactive community takes the excitement and involvement into racing in The Crew Motorfest to the next level. Having shared goals and cohesive teamwork can spur you on to extra levels of performance and engagement within the game. Completing tasks coordinatedly, enjoying collective winning moments, learning from others, and joining the camaraderie are major draws of The Crew Motorfest’s community interaction.

In conclusion, the immersive and varied world offered by The Crew Motorfest caters to an exhilarating blend of challenge, entertainment, and satisfaction. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, a car customization addict, a racing tactical genius, an environmental conqueror, a variety racer, a tournament league champion, or a community socializer, Crew Motorfest has got something for you. It goes beyond being just a game; it’s an experience that will leave you thrilled and enthralled, hinting at countless hours of adventure on the road, in the air, and through the water. There’s a fresh challenge at every turn, putting your skills to test, pushing your vision, and fueling your passion for racing. So gear up, the race awaits!

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