The Crew Motorfest PS5 Review – A Driving Experience Worth the Hype?

The Crew Motorfest PS5 Review - A Driving Experience Worth the Hype?
Written by Alexis

The evolution of the gaming industry over the years has brought us several gems that provide a thrilling and immersive experience. One such gem in the realm of racing games is ‘The Crew Motorfest’. The follow-up to the well-known, yet mixedly received, “The Crew 2,” “The Crew Motorfest” pleasantly charts a course that enunciates a vital shift towards a more refined, visually spectacular, and gratifyingly layered racing adventure.

Diving into this exhilarating journey, the first thing that strikes you about the Crew Motorfest is its dramatic improvement in almost all spheres, coming over from its predecessor The Crew 2. The gaming arena of tropical Hawaii is breathtaking and acts as a gorgeous backdrop. The enhanced graphics coupled with rich and vividly immersive environments uplift the overall gaming experience to create an engaging escape into the world of high-octane Motorsports.

Big Evolution from The Crew 2

Big Evolution from The Crew 2


The highlight of this whole new experience has to be the reengineered physics and the driving mechanism of the game. These impressive adaptations alone are enough to astonish even the skeptics, especially those disillusioned from their prior grievances with The Crew 2. The fully relinquishing Gameplay with the audacious handling system is really an impressive performance. Yet, the crew 2 featured a widely spread map which astonishingly incorporated the entire United States. Inspite of the glamorous setting of Hawaii, one would have fancied for the Crew motorfest to be on the roads of Italy, the mountains of European alps, or perhaps adventuring the little known oriental outlands like Thailand in the racing game cosmos.

One of the key strengths of the Crew Motorfest lies in how generously it rewards the players. The plethora of vehicles that players can acquire add a sense of achievement that The Crew 2 was unfortunately deficient in.Micro-transactions seem unnecessary in the rewarding journey of the Crew Motorfest . Add to that the option of importing your vehicle collection from The Crew 2, and you have a customised racing adventure to embark upon.

The dynamically integrated ‘Playlist’ system forms the heart and soul of the main game. This captivating narrative framework theatrically projects a story surrounding the world of cars, which is enthralling. Moreover, the game introduces an innovative twist to the car customization system heavily influenced by Japanese culture, that is sure to tickle the fancy of auto enthusiasts around the globe.

Motorfest presents a staggering array of vehicles to choose from. You name it – from the exotic Lamborghinis, Porsches, the Hellcats, to the hearty off-road monsters, Forumla One type racing cars and majestic air vehicles; the game features a vibrant collection to cater to a variety of player preferences.

Intense Online Racing

Intense Online Racing in The Crew Motorfest

For those yearning for some intense competition, the online mode offers grand races featuring around 28 players, enabling you to compete against actual human opponents in real-time but only requires half of the max players. A hyper-realistic Photo mode lets you become a virtual photographer and capture stunning shots of the scenic virtual world. The meticulously designed race tracks are no less than visual masterpieces, further enhancing the realism and immersion of the game.

However, no game is perfect and The Crew Motorfest has its fair share of areas where improvements can be considered. One of these is the Motorfest plates; although a minor detail, their compulsory inclusion does mar the aesthetics of the vehicles. The provision for more personalised license plates would add a touch of customisation which avid gamers generally appreciate. The game might also benefit from a FOV slider in the cockpit view, especially for consoles, and the absence of dynamic exhaust effects such as the flames on downshifts and smoke at idle seem like missed opportunities to add to the overall visual realism of the game. A surprising omission, especially considering that these effects are generally quite popular among racing game enthusiasts.

On the technical aspect, The Crew Motorfest unfortunately still does not feature functioning mirrors, a common issue shared by its predecessor. Further, the flexibility to choose your own car before completing a playlist could have added another layer of player agency and choice.

The Crew Motorfest marks a remarkable leap from its predecessor, The Crew 2. The map, albeit smaller, is far better detailed and packed with more elements to interact with, making exploration more interesting. However, the absence of long races like the New York course from Crew 2 might disappoint some. Being able to quick-switch parts, as offered in TC2, would have been a valuable addition given its popularity with players in the past.

Despite these small hiccup, the Crew Motorfest comes out as an incredibly immersive and enticing racing simulation. It provides an impressive roster of cars, a captivating storyline, a diverse and detailed map, and above all, gratifying gameplay mechanics. Whilst it certainly cannot rival the map size of its predecessors, the valuable upgrades and enhancements continue to position “The Crew Motorfest” as a formidable contender in the realm of racing games, even with its peers like Forza Horizon.

To wrap up, if you’re a fan of racing games or even someone new to the genre and you’re considering The Crew Motorfest, rest assured, it’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

To give potential players a taste of the experience, there will be a free week for The Crew Motorfest from the 17th to the 24th, during which it can play it for up to five hours.

The Crew Motorfest is already showing a substantial improvement over its predecessor, The Crew 2, with Frauscher and Lamborghini boats already included in the game. It’ll be interesting to see how the game continues to evolve and what lies ahead on this thrilling journey.

Scenic Setting

Scenic Setting In The Crew Motorfest

Indeed, the vast Pacific serenity of Hawaii could be intoxicating for any gaming enthusiast. The picturesque landscapes, coalesced with an incredibly designed graphics engine, indeed offer a visually spectacular setting. The intricate attention given to detail in the environment design is truly commendable. But, in the same breath, the prospect of a racing game set in countries like Italy, Switzerland or perhaps less ventured locales like Thailand certainly would have added to the game’s geographical diversity and appeal.

In the process of delivering a unique gaming experience, ‘The Crew Motorfest’ revels in generosity. The rewards system is a testament to this. It ensures players feel adequately rewarded for their efforts, making the in-game purchases seem almost unnecessary – a design choice that goes a long way in building the credibility of the game. Moreover, the ability to import your previously earned vehicles from ‘The Crew 2’ is a well-thought-out feature, catering perfectly to the preferences of returning players.

With ‘The Crew Motorfest’, the whole variance of the main gameplay revolves around the ‘Playlists’ system. This unique system spins an engrossing tale, intertwining it seamlessly with the world of cars – a narrative style that is hardly seen in racing games. Furthermore, it takes a distinctive approach towards car customization, injecting a dash of Japanese influence to it, which gives the game an added layer of appeal.

Wide Variety of Vehicles

Wide Variety of Vehicles in The Crew Motorfest

There’s no doubting the enormous scale of vehicle assortment offered by the game; fancy speedsters like Lamborghinis, Porsches, and sporty Dodge Hellcats; offroad beasts; Forumla One style racing cars, and even airborne vehicles like helicopters and planes. The vast collection ensures that there is something for every kind of player, adding to the replayability of the game.

On top of the captivating single-player experience, ‘The Crew Motorfest’ also features an adrenaline-charged online mode, enabling players to compete against others in grand races with about 28 participants. Being able to take on other players around the globe in this high-stakes battleground, inevitably makes the races even more exhilarating.

A brilliant feature worth mentioning is the game’s impressive Photo mode, which allows players to capture and reveal the exquisite beauty of the game’s setting. This tool can be used to take stunning shots that can be shared even outside the gaming community, underlining the enchanting visual appeal of the game.

No Reflecting Car Mirrors

No Reflecting Car Mirrors in The Crew Motorfest

Like everything else in life, ‘The Crew Motorfest’ isn’t without its imperfections. For instance, the obligatory inclusion of Motorfest plates on the vehicles does infringe upon the aesthetic appeal of the beautifully modeled cars. Having an option to customize the license plates or even entirely remove them would have been a pleasant addition, providing players a greater degree of customization.

Despite featuring an impressive roster of vehicles and a beautifully detailed world, the exclusion of dynamic exhaust effects is somewhat glaring. The omission of smoky idles and fiery downshifts leaves one wondering about the potential visual spectacle these effects would have added to the overall gaming experience.

Moving on to the technical aspects of the game, the game disappointingly hasn’t rectified the issue of non-working mirrors in the vehicles from its predecessor, ‘The Crew 2.’ This feature would undoubtedly enhance the immersion of the racing experience and is a popular demand among gamers. Additionally, the inability to choose your car before completing a playlist, limits the player’s control over how they wish to experience the game.

Another noteworthy point is the handling dynamics of the game. The developers seem to have dialled back on the car damage model as compared to ‘The Crew 2.’ This change inevitably impacts how players approach the races, as they can now push their vehicles to the limit without fear of any serious repercussions.

One lacking feature that really caught my attention is the absence of quick-switch parts, a favorite of many in ‘The Crew 2.’ This particular feature allowed players to quickly transition parts from one vehicle to the other, which was a convenient and much-appreciated facility. It’s a mystery why such a well-received feature would be overlooked for ‘The Crew Motorfest.’


Conclusion - The Crew Motorfest is 8/109/10

“Best Open World Racing Game released in the last 10 years”

Despite these small drawbacks, ‘The Crew Motorfest’ emerges as an incredibly engaging and pulse-pounding racing experience. Even though one might argue the game’s map is considerably smaller than what was offered in ‘The Crew 2/1,’ the detailed meta-game of collecting, customizing, and mastering a huge roster of vehicles makes the game a delightful package.

The seemingly insatiable thirst for virtual exploration and competition are satisfied in ‘The Crew Motorfest,’ but there is always room for expansion and exploration of uncharted territories not yet showcased in the genre, such as lesser-known countries. This would add spice to the game and provide players with fresh new landscapes to conquer.

Last but not least, the game organizers are offering a free week trial run for ‘The Crew Motorfest.’ This is a great opportunity for prospective gamers to get a feel of the game and experience the high-octane thrill that awaits them within the paradisiacal confines of this riveting game. And don’t forget to check out the Frauscher and the Lamborghini boat in The Crew Motorfest, proof that even within this niche, there’s much to explore and find.

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