The Best Gadgets For Gamers In 2022

These days, while you can enjoy gaming at a consistent standard, there are tons of great gadgets out there that enhance the experience. And some may even give gamers the edge when playing too. But, in 2022, and with so many gadgets on the market, which are the best and the ones worth buying right now?

Gaming Mouse

One of the first purchases that gamers must make, especially when they’re gaming on PC or laptop, is a gaming mouse. There are some excellent options out there, with many of the best coming courtesy of Logitech, who are specialists in the gaming gadgets arena. The great thing about having a gaming mouse at your disposal is that where online gaming is concerned, from Fortnite to eSports tournaments and even the latest slots at Gala Casino, it’s going to be an advantage over a regular mouse or a trackpad, and could be the difference between winning and losing.


Gaming headsets have become increasingly popular over the years, and now they’re a must-have rather than an optional extra. If you’re someone who plays battle royale titles or online multiplayers, where knowing where opponents are based on their movement is crucial. In that case, a good headset with surround sound is going to be huge in terms of being to hear the footsteps and other sounds caused by those around you, allowing you to plan how to react accordingly. With so many excellent gaming headsets on the market, it’s the ones that provide the best sound quality and give players a chance to hear the most delicate of footsteps that are worth buying.

Stream Deck

For some gamers, just playing games is no longer enough. So, what has become common is for gamers to turn their hobby into a profession. They could, for example, go into eSports, which many of them do. But, alongside that, or exclusively, they become streamers on platforms such as Twitch. And a must-have gadget for gamers who stream is, of course, the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2. What this stream deck does is allow streamers to have a deck of buttons in front of them which are customisable. So apps, actions, games and commands can load and happen in an instant, allowing for a smooth experience for viewers.

Racing Wheel

Racing wheels were hugely popular quite a number of years ago, but then they seemed to die out, with many gamers putting them to the side and not using them again. However, in recent times, and with the launch of some top-of-the-range driving games such as the F1 titles, racing wheels and pedals have become a must-have item once again. They’re not just compatible with consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X either, as steering wheels and pedals, such as the products from Thrustmaster, work brilliantly with PC and laptop too. They certainly make for an unrivalled driving experience, as the player is actually in the seat and at the wheel.

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