Sony plans to support PlayStation 4 until 2023

Sony plans to support PlayStation 4 until 2023
Written by Ankit Gaba

Sony has said in an investor’s meeting that they will support PlayStation 4 at least until 2023. Jim Ryan stated in an investor’s meeting, “We anticipate the PS4 will have the longest tail and deepest engagement of any of our platforms. There are a number of reasons why we believe this will be the case” So basically, PlayStation 4’s Life-Cycle will be very long. It could even be longer than PlayStation 2’s Life Cycle at this point. PlayStation 4 is a very important factor for Developers. This is a great thing because it has become near impossible to get a PlayStation 5 nowadays. However, you can expect this stock shortage to stop by at least 2022 because Sony has registered a new PlayStation 5 model, and it could even end up solving earlier than that because Jim Ryan recently stated that he expects Stocks to return to normal before the end of the second half of 2021.
Jim Ryan later stated, “Secondly, the lineup of new software for PS4 for FY21 and FY22 is extremely robust. Publishers understand the opportunity the large and very engaged community offers and will exploit it. and then said, “Great new PS4 releases and an expansive catalogue mean that we expect the PS4 to account for 70% of next year’s store spend despite the growing install base of the PS5.”
This is an amazing thing for People who are unable to get a PlayStation 5 for now because basically what this means is that they will try to make more games Cross-Gen as well. For example, Horizon Forbidden West is Cross-Gen, but God of War Ragnarok is not. I think it is up to the developers. Some want to create cross-gen experiences, and some might want to create a completely next-gen experience.
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