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God of War Ragnarok will be Next-Gen Only (False Report)

Written by Ankit Gaba

According to old reports (which were found recently) by Navtra, who has leaked many things related to PlayStation stated that God of War Ragnanork would be Next-Gen Only even though David Jaffe had said that he thinks it will be cross-gen last year.
I really hope that Navtra turns out to be right because I want to see what happens when Santa Monica takes full advantage of Next-Gen hardware and are not limited by anything by worrying about a PlayStation 4 port.
However, we do know one certain thing, which is that God of War Ragnarok is most likely not releasing this year, and it will end up being a 2022 release because of Covid. Jason Schrier, an Industry Insider, said that God of War Ragnarok has already been delayed internally. I think we can expect to see stuff related to God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West and other upcoming Sony Titles later this year at some sort of State of Play Event, but again this part is just speculation. What we do know is that God of War Ragnarok will be Next-Gen Only, so you’ll have to get a PlayStation 5 before its release date if you can manage to.
This story has been flagged as false because Jim Ryan has stated that God of War Ragnarok will be on PlayStation 4 as well
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  • Honestly I don’t like the idea of it only coming out on PS5. This is due to the fact it’s near impossible to get a PS5. Sony says shortage of semiconductors, that they may redesign the PS5 to increase production, but who knows if and when this would happen. God of war is my favorite game series and it irritates me to know end that it will launch and I won’t be able to play it because there are no PS5’s available for purchase unless you pay at least double, triple, etc…. the price which is absurd. What a terrible execution of launching a new console. Yes Covid and semiconductors have delayed everything but to this extent? I’m just really aggravated over the whole thing because yes I want to play God of War on a PS5 and most likely won’t be able to because of console availability. Come on Sony, figure something out….

    • Nobody cares about your inability to get one, what people care about is pushing the medium forward, and my game getting compromised because of crybabies such as yourself doesn’t sit well with me

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