SEGA’s Super Game is a live service game and they are working on Many Remasters, Remakes and Reboots

SEGA’s Super Game is a live service game and they are working on Many Remasters, Remakes and Reboots
Written by Ankit Gaba

SEGA recently posted their FY2021 results presentation with comments where they explained some stuff. They talked about their Super Game and stated

“And the biggest area for growth investment is in the Consumer area. We created a new word called “Super Game” within the company, and this is what we are aiming for. The definition is to create games that can aim for cumulative sales of 100.0 billion yen over their lifetime. We will provide not only a mere game but also services, including various communities that are produced within the game. We would like to challenge to developing new genres of games by providing various playing other than the game itself and communities, where people can spend time in the game world.”

This seems like a live service game from the description because they said they would not provide a game. They will provide services and try to make Communities. All of this is not possible without a Multiplayer Mode. I think that this might be something like Fortnite from the description, but again that’s just my point of view on it. What we do know currently is that SEGA is working on a Super Game, which is supposed to be a live service and an FPS Game.

Another thing we now do know because of this presentation with comments is that SEGA is working on a lot of remasters and remakes, as they stated in the FY2021 Presentation.

“In addition, we would like to take on the challenge of Super Game in the next 5 years, and subscription and other services, including cloud services, are expected to increase even more from now on, so we would like to dig deeper into the IPs in order to use our abundant IPs more effectively, first by remastering. If the reaction is good, we would like to remake and reboot (creating a new game by utilizing our past Ips) them, and connect it to a huge hit.”
So basically, SEGA might be trying to take on the challenge of Cloud Services, which seems very interesting. Just like they stated, they are trying to remaster a lot of old IPs, and if the reaction is huge, they would completely remake that game or try to reboot it to make the franchise even more profitable, which doesn’t sound like a really bad idea.
I do not really want a Cloud Gaming Service by Sega for some reason, though, like I would be fine with the idea of something similar to Gamepass.
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