Sony patents Adaptive Graphics for Cloud Gaming

Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently Sony patented an Adaptive Graphics System for Cloud Gaming which can definitely help in improving the speed of your game and reduce lag, but this might lower the resolution and cause a bit of blur. according to the description of this patent which states “A method is provided, including the following operations: executing a video game by a cloud game machine, the execution of the video game includes rendering gameplay video; processing the gameplay video by a streaming server for streaming over a network to a client device; monitoring connection quality over the network between the streaming server and the client device; responsive to detecting a change in the connection quality between the streaming server and the client device, then adjusting the rendering of the gameplay video by the cloud game machine.”
So basically, it can detect changes in your connection and adjust the quality by itself to make sure the FPS of your game does not slow down.
Sony recently patented Edge Compute Proxy for PS Now as well, so I’d expect a huge improvement in PlayStation Now Servers whenever they implement these features into their servers.
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