Valve might be working on a new Handheld Console

Valve might be working on a new Handheld Console
Written by Ankit Gaba

Despite the failure of Steambox, Valve might be trying to enter the Hardware industry once again. Pavel Djundik, a data miner, recently reported that Valve’s “Neptune” Controller showed up in the latest Steam Client Beta once again, and it is named “SteamPal”, which could be the name of this console, and it has “SteamPal Games” which can basically be used to view all your games. Valve head Gabe Newell did hint at something about Consoles earlier this year, which led to speculations that Steam might be coming to Consoles, but sadly this might not be the case. Valve is trying to enter the hardware industry, and they might be trying to compete with Nintendo Switch this time.
There are also strings related to Brightness, Power, Bluetooth, WIFI, Device settings and Airplane mode, Rumble and Haptics, which point to a handheld console.
Pavel later states, “This update also added a “quick access menu” and a “power menu” I have a feeling all these strings related to “Neptune”: Is Valve making a handheld Steam console?” Now all of this could be in the making. We do not know anything about the hardware and stuff in Steam’s Console yet. If I had to make a prediction, I would say that it might be focusing more on the cloud gaming side.
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