Sony patents Edge Compute Proxy for PlayStation Now and 5G

Sony patents Edge Compute Proxy for PlayStation Now and 5G
Written by Ankit Gaba

Sony has been paying a lot of focus to PlayStation Now recently they created a patent for “EDGE COMPUTE PROXY FOR CLOUD GAMING AND 5G” so basically what this patent will improve PlayStation Now servers by a lot if you had some input lag you wouldn’t have it anymore when this technology is implemented into the servers.
The description states, “A method is provided, including the following operations: executing a cloud video game in a data centre; streaming video generated by the executing cloud video game over a network to a client device; deploying a cloud gaming proxy to an edge compute that is proximate to the client device; wherein the cloud gaming proxy buffers the video and retransmits lost packets of the video to the client device.” so basically this feature will try to eliminate the buffers and all the input lag many people usually experience with cloud gaming. It will transmit the data which doesn’t show because of Input Lag and slows the game with this technology. You can expect PlayStation Now to improve in terms of servers. I think they should focus on getting PlayStation Now in more countries as well to make the competition right with XCloud. I wouldn’t be surprised if they launched PS Now on Mobile Devices as well since it is just free money for Sony.
According to the details from 2020, PS Now had hit 2.2 Million Users. I think this number might have improved, but not by much you can expect these numbers to climb up very quickly when they implement the improved servers that use this patent’s technology and expand PlayStation Now to more countries. I think it can be a strong contender to Microsoft’s XCloud.
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