Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 Guide: How to Build Drive Thru, Get Better Rating, More Cash and Mega Plot

Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 Guide: How to Build Drive Thru, Get Better Rating, More Cash and Mega Plot
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Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a captivating simulation game allowing players to create, build, and manage their very own virtual restaurant. From cooking dishes to designing restaurant interiors, there are various tasks and challenges to explore in this exciting game. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll receive tips, tricks, cheats, and extensive building strategies aimed at helping you excel in Restaurant Tycoon 2.

Section 1: Gameplay Basics

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Before diving into advanced strategies, ensure you have a solid understanding of the key gameplay elements, including:

  • Build mode: Customize your restaurant’s layout through the building and placement of essential restaurant items.
  • Cooking stations: Prepare and serve dishes for customers according to your menu preferences.
  • Menu management: Create diverse and appealing menus to satisfy a broad range of customers.
  • Customer interactions: Serve customers promptly and efficiently and keep an eye on their needs and satisfaction levels.

Section 2: Managing Your Restaurant

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Core tips and tricks for managing your restaurant involve several areas, including:

2.1 Efficient Layout: Design your restaurant to allow for smooth staff and customer movement. Carefully arrange tables, chairs, and cooking station placements to prevent congestion and streamline service.

2.2 Menu Selection: Regularly update and balance your menu, adding a mix of appetizers, main courses, and desserts that cater to customer taste preferences.

2.3 Staff Management: Hire and train your staff for optimal restaurant performance. Monitor their energy levels and ensure they take breaks when necessary.

2.4 Customer Satisfaction: Address customer needs promptly and maintain high service and food quality standards. Happy customers leave better reviews, leading to a higher restaurant reputation and more customers.

Section 3: Building Strategies and Upgrades

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Learn to master a variety of building and customization techniques, including:

3.1 Building a Drive-Thru: To implement a drive-thru, go to your restaurant settings and enable it. Place a designated ordering station for the drive-thru outside the restaurant and a separate drive-thru window on the exterior wall. Ensure the path leading to the ordering station is clear to optimize service efficiency.

3.2 Second Floor Construction: To build a second floor, first place a staircase in an accessible location. Then, select the “Floor” option in build mode and construct extra flooring and railings. Make sure the staircase is easily reachable for both customers and staff.

3.3 Redeeming Codes for More Cash and Diamonds: Redeeming codes can help you obtain more in-game cash and diamonds. Keep an eye on official social media channels and game forums for announcements about new codes, and redeem them promptly to reap potential rewards.

3.4 Waiter Training: Ensure your waiters maintain a high politeness level. When their happiness levels are high, they will remain polite for a longer period. To achieve this, hire more staff to share workloads and prevent fatigue.

3.5 Serving Time Reduction:Have your waiters at Level 15 to reduce average waiting times for customers to get served. Also, maintain a sufficient number of chefs, as having more high-level chefs helps prepare food more quickly.

Section 4: Boosting Your Restaurant’s Ratings


Rating of restaurant in Roblox restaurant tycoon 2

Maximize your restaurant’s ratings by focusing on the following areas:

4.1 Cooking Quality: Hire chefs, get them to level 15, and invest in the necessary cooking equipment to improve the quality of dishes.

4.2 Chef Skill: High-level chefs contribute to better cooking skills and overall food quality. Optimize your staff through hiring and training to achieve the highest possible skill ratings.

4.3 Food Choice: Expanding your menu allows for a higher food choice rating. Add a minimum of 10 starters, 30 mains, and 10 desserts to achieve the ideal 5.0 rating for food choice.

4.4 Restaurant Design: Choose a theme for your restaurant and maintain consistency in furniture, decorations, and menu offerings. A cohesive theme enhances the dining experience and attracts more customers.

Section 5: Tips for Enhancing Your Restaurantrestaurant settings in Roblox restaurant tycoon 2

5.1 Music: Acquire music disks or music-themed decorations for your restaurant to boost your establishment’s “Experience” rating and provide an enjoyable atmosphere for customers.

5.2 Drinks: Add a variety of drink offerings to your menu to give customers diverse beverage options. Ideally, stock a minimum of seven drink options to achieve a total 5.0 rating for drinks.

5.3 Entertaining Items: Place decorative items like paintings, aquariums, sculptures, or toys to create a visually appealing environment and improve your restaurant’s “Entertainment” rating.

5.4 Kid-Friendly: Offer a kids’ menu and include child-friendly options like kids’ meals and toys. Add baby chairs as well to maximize your “Kid-Friendly” rating.

Section 6: Eco-Friendly Componentsworkers in restaurant tycoon 2

6.1 Nature: Incorporate natural elements like trees, plants, and bushes in your restaurant design to improve your “Eco-Friendly” rating.

6.2 Bathrooms: Provide clean, well-equipped bathrooms with plungers, toilet paper, toilets, sinks, and mirrors. Ensure these items are easily accessible and in sufficient quantities to maintain high customer satisfaction.

6.3 Cleanliness: Placing a dishwasher is essential for a clean restaurant environment. Ensure your waiters promptly clean dishes automatically or manually to maintain a top cleanliness rating.

Section 7: Staff Training and Level Progression

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As you manage your restaurant, focusing on staff training and development is crucial. In Restaurant Tycoon 2, you cannot merely hire high-level waiters or chefs; you must invest in their growth to improve overall restaurant performance.

7.1 Train Your Waitstaff: To achieve the highest possible rating on waiter politeness, you’ll need to monitor their happiness and experience. Train them well, and your rating will increase once they reach level 15. Sustain high happiness levels through workload distribution, allowing your staff to take breaks and maintain their politeness.

7.2 Chef Leveling: Level up your chefs to improve the quality of dishes and enhance their skills. As your chefs progress through levels, the improvement in food quality will increase your ratings. Aim for level 15 chefs to maximize their performance.

7.3 Balance Workload for Maximum Efficiency: Divide tasks evenly among your staff to ensure faster and more efficient service. With high-level waiters and chefs working smoothly together, your restaurant will excel in serving time and food preparation ratings.

7.4 Continuous Staff Development: Invest in ongoing staff development and training, focusing on leveling up their skills, maintaining workplace wellbeing, and ensuring a dedicated, professional team.

Section 8: Customer Experience Optimization

Beach in Restaurant Tycoon 2

To keep your customers happy and returning, concentrate on optimizing their dining experience through various measures:

8.1 Atmosphere and Ambiance: Enhance your restaurant’s atmosphere by selecting appropriate music, arranging comfortable seating, and adding decorative elements that complement your chosen theme.

8.2 Diverse Menu Offerings: Regularly update your menu with unique offerings, accommodating different tastes and preferences. Providing a diverse menu attracts a wide range of customers, increasing your restaurant’s popularity.

8.3 Efficient Service: Train your staff to work smoothly together, ensuring customers receive their orders promptly. Pair high-level waiters and chefs to maximize efficiency and minimize customer waiting time.

8.4 Engaging Customer Relationships: Pay attention to customer feedback and respond accordingly. By meeting your customers’ preferences and expectations, you can maintain high satisfaction levels and build a strong reputation for your restaurant.

Section 9: Expansion and Growth Opportunities

EKEA in Restaurant Tycoon 2

As you continue to progress in the game, explore various growth opportunities and consider the following strategies:

9.1 Theme Modifications: Periodically introduce new themes, decorations, and menu items to keep your restaurant’s look and feel fresh and engaging. By doing so, you can attract new customers while maintaining the interest of your regular patrons.

9.2 Additional Seating and Floors: Increase your restaurant’s capacity by adding more tables, chairs, and even an additional floor. Space expansions enable you to serve a larger number of customers and boost overall revenue.

9.3 Marketing and Advertising: Implement creative marketing and advertising strategies to reach a broader audience and increase popularity. As your restaurant value rises, create targeted promotions, and offer limited-time discounts to encourage new customers to visit.

Section 10: Redeeming Codes for Rewards

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In Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2, players can redeem special codes to obtain game rewards such as in-game cash and diamonds. These codes contribute to enhancing your overall gaming experience and aid in the progress of your restaurant. Here’s what you need to know about redeeming codes in Restaurant Tycoon 2.

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