Rainbow Six Extraction rated by ESRB

Rainbow Six Extraction rated by ESRB
Written by Vince Abella

Ubisoft’s latest anticipated title has received a rating from the ESRB, one that is not too different from its predecessor’s. Rainbow Six Extraction is a cooperative multiplayer game meant to build off of a game mode that once was in the massively popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege. The game will leave behind intense shootouts and strategic plans in order to secure an objective and will instead focus on fighting and dealing with new alien enemies, with a dozen and a half operators to choose from in each mission. This new direction for the series will bring a new style to the combat of Rainbow Six Siege, with different ways to go about the objective.


Rainbow Six Extraction will allow for multiplayer with up to three players at once and also includes the capacity for cross-platform games between the multiple platforms it will be available on. The special forces operatives will face a new kind of foe in this upcoming release and will also feature downloadable content and in-app purchases. Rainbow Six Extraction has been rated M for Mature, with its blood, drug references, language and overall violence being the major reasons for this rating. It will release on both the current and last generation of consoles in addition to PC platforms this September 16.

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