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Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Game might contain Microtransactions

Quantic Dream's Star Wars Game might contain Microtransactions
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Recently Kotaku reported about Quantic Dream working on a multiplayer Star Wars Game, and according to an old Job Listings we posted about earlier this year indicated that their next game contains multiplayer, which matches the description that Kotaku provided about their Star Wars Game.
So basically, this means that if this is the same project that the Job Listing was about, then expect Microtransactions in it.
Let’s just hope that they are not as bad as the ones that used to be in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Image of Quantic Dream Games
This game is supposed to feature an open world, action gameplay, and multiplayer so if it’s playable offline with a single-player campaign, then let’s just assume that they are only in the multiplayer mode and the best-case scenario is that they are only cosmetics and nothing more than that.
I hope that Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Game turns out to be great; it’s gonna be their most ambitious game
They are also ready to make an announcement; apparently, they are just waiting for Disney’s Approval. I hope that this game turns out to be great Star Wars Fans are in for a treat in terms of gaming because of the unannounced Jedi Fallen Order Sequel, Star Wars KOTOR Remake and this.
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