Quantic Dream is working on a new Ambitious AAA Game

Written by Ankit Gaba

Quantic Dream (Developers behind Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human) is working on a new Ambitious AAA Game according to their latest Job Listing. Quantic Dream did say earlier this year that they want to explore New Ways of Story Telling that they have not tried out yet. David Cage said that he wants to switch up his style of Story Telling and explore more ways to make it more unique than ever, so this is definitely the game he was talking about.
Detroit Become Human was received pretty well, and it was a Sony Exclusive. I doubt if their new Game will be a Sony Exclusives since they recently started Publishing Indie Games under their name, so I think that they will publish their next Project by themselves as well. Detroit Become Human’s PC Edition did boost its sales to 5 Million as well, so I do not think that they will publish their next game under a particular company such as PlayStation. Hopefully, their next game is great. I still have not played Detroit Become Human; I’ll definitely try to play it before their next game gets announced.
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