Bluepoint Games might be working on a New IP according to Job Listing

Written by Ankit Gaba

Bluepoint Games (The developers behind Shadow of the Colossus Remake and Demon Souls Remake) are currently working on a New IP, according to recent Job Listings. Their recent Senior Level Designer Job Listing states, “Work alongside industry-leading talent to build new worlds that challenge players and set new standards.” So basically, this time, they want to make a completely new world, but this is not the only hint on that Job listing page. In the responsibilities section, it states, “Planning and prototype new content” and “Analyze emerging game design trends and applying new mechanics to current designs as appropriate” This really hints at a new IP because it’s they want to “plan and prototype new content” and “Apply new mechanics to current designs as appropriate”
We do not know who will be publishing their game because the Sony contract ran out; however, there have been rumours of Sony acquiring Bluepoint Games what we do know is that we cannot expect another remake currently however projects do get cancelled very frequently in the gaming industry so I would still take these job listings with a grain of salt there’s a reason why I added “might be” in the title.
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