Project Highrise Ultimate Guide 2023

Project Highrise Ultimate Guide 2023
Written by Alexis

Project Highrise, developed by SomaSim, is a captivating simulation game that enables players to design, construct, and manage their own skyscrapers. To assist with your journey in creating a thriving tower, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to cover the critical aspects of the game, providing you with the tools needed for success in your vertical metropolis.

Things you need to know before playing Project Highrise

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  1. Plan Your Layout Wisely

Your skyscraper’s layout plays a crucial role in its potential success. Plan the appropriate placement of tenant spaces, elevators, utilities, and amenities to ensure a well-organized and efficient building. Be mindful of future expansions,, and avoid boxing yourself into a restrictive design.

  1. Diversify Your Tenants

Diversifying your tenant type can help balance your income stream and create a more stable financial foundation for your tower. Aim for a mix of residential, commercial, and office tenants to make your building versatile and appealing to various occupants. Be wary of overpopulation in one tenant type, which can lead to vacancy issues and reduced revenue.

  1. Manage Your Construction Crew

Efficiently managing your construction crew is essential for the swift progression of your highrise. Ensure you utilize their full potential to build and repair various facilities. Remember that the need for a larger workforce may arise as your tower expands, so be prepared to hire more construction crew members to cope with the growing demands.

  1. Keep Track of Tenant Satisfaction

Your tenants’ satisfaction is a critical factor that affects your building’s reputation. Track their happiness levels and cater to their specific needs, such as maintaining a clean environment, ensuring reliable utilities, and providing easy access to public transportation. Implement strategies like dedicating maintenance workers solely to elevator repair tasks to keep wait times low and satisfaction high.

  1. Invest in Upgrades

As you progress in the game, investing in upgrades that enhance your building’s performance and appeal is crucial. Research new technologies, purchase new utility providers, or add luxurious enhancements to improve your skyscraper’s stature.

  1. Develop Your Infrastructure

Efficient infrastructure, such as well-designed elevator placement and accessible stairways, ensures tenants’ smooth movement within the building. Provide adequate utility coverage for water, power, and gas services for current and future tenants. Be prepared to adjust your infrastructure as your skyscraper evolves to accommodate new additions and improvements.

  1. Manage your Finances

Maintaining a healthy financial status is critical for the continued growth of your skyscraper empire. Keep a close eye on your income, expenses, and debt levels. Cut unnecessary costs and maintain a rainy-day reserve to tackle unforeseen challenges.

  1. Maintain Your Building

Regularly maintaining your skyscraper is paramount to ensure a safe, clean, and appealing environment for your tenants. Hire maintenance workers to repair and maintain elevators, utilities, and interior decoration. Neglected buildings can result in unhappy tenants and poor reputations, leading to an overall decline in profitability.

  1. Create a Balanced Skyline

When constructing your tower, maintain a balance of vertical growth and horizontal expansion. This balance can assist in keeping tenant satisfaction levels high while avoiding the pitfalls of overcrowding or a stagnant structure. A well-designed, visually pleasing skyline will attract potential tenants and contribute to your building’s success.

  1. Monitor Your Reputation

As the architect of your highrise, keeping track of your building’s reputation is essential. A high reputation results in more prominent tenants seeking space in your facility and allows you to charge higher rent prices. By catering to your tenants’ needs and maintaining a beautiful, well-functioning skyscraper, you can ensure your reputation remains strong in the competitive world of Project Highrise.

Tips & Tricks for Mastering Project Highrise

Zoning in Project Highrise

To complement our comprehensive guide, we have compiled a list of practical tips and tricks to help you master the art of constructing and managing your very own skyscraper in Project Highrise:

  1. Pay Attention to Tenant Preferences: Different tenants may have specific preferences for their building locations. For example, some office tenants may desire proximity to public transportation, while retail businesses may prefer high-traffic areas. Cater to these preferences to boost satisfaction levels and retain tenants.
  2. Optimize Space with Small Offices: Utilize small office spaces, especially in areas where larger tenant spaces are not possible. These spaces can provide extra income without the need for significant structural adjustments.
  3. Utilize Storage Rooms for Retail Tenants: For retail tenants, providing on-site storage rooms can not only increase their satisfaction but also allow for more efficient restocking and merchandise management.
  4. Provide Connectivity to Tenants: Ensuring good telecommunication connectivity is vital for attracting high-end office tenants. Invest in advanced telecommunication services like phone and cable lines to provide high-quality services to your occupants.
  5. Offer Ample Parking Spaces: Tenants appreciate easy access to parking facilities. Consider allocating areas in your tower for parking structures to cater to commercial and residential tenants alike.
  6. Implement Staff-only Elevators: To enhance efficiency, dedicate certain elevators exclusively for staff and maintenance teams. This can help reduce congestion and ensure quicker repair times.
  7. Manage Rush Hours: Identify peak foot-traffic hours and optimize your building’s infrastructure to accommodate increased demand during these times. Well-placed elevators and convenient stairways can alleviate congestion and minimize waitimes.
  8. Offer Specialty Facilities: Increase tenant satisfaction by providing specialized facilities like conference rooms, event spaces, or relaxation areas for office tenants. These amenities can attract premium, high-paying tenants to your tower.
  9. Manage Noise and Pollution: Keep noisy establishments like restaurants, bars, and utility providers away from residential areas to avoid disturbing your tenants. A well-planned layout can mitigate the negative impact of noise and pollution on tenant satisfaction.
  10. Experiment and Adapt: Don’t be afraid to reevaluate and adjust your strategies should any aspect of your tower underperform. Learn from experience and apply your newfound knowledge to create a more successful skyscraper.

By incorporating these additional tips and tricks alongside our detailed guide, you can optimize your approach to building a thriving skyscraper in Project Highrise. Remain adaptive and responsive to your tenants’ needs and focus on creating a unique, functional, and visually stunning tower. Embrace your role as the architect and watch as your tower’s reputation soars, ensuring long-term success in the world of Project Highrise.

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