Interview hinting at Silent Hill Reboot has been removed

Interview hinting at Silent Hill Reboot has been removed
Written by Ankit Gaba

The video interview with Yamaoka where he hints at the Silent Hill Reboot has been removed because of a request. I think the request was made by the company which is publishing the game, but again this part is speculation.
The Publication said they were asked to remove the clip, but they did not state who asked them to remove it.


Yamaoka stated in the interview that his “next project will be revealed sometime around summer” and will be what “fans have been hoping to hear about.” many people started speculating that he was talking about Silent Hill and after all the speculations and rumors about Silent Hill so I speculate that Konami may have asked the publication to remove this interview so they can make it look like a surprise reveal. a New Silent Hill reboot has been rumored many times, and some rumors stated that it is supposed to be a PlayStation Exclusive and Konami are partnering with Sony to develop the game. I really hope this is true since Sony’s first-party has many talented studios, but we will have to wait until summer to see if it’s actually a new Silent Hill game. It will most likely be revealed at E3, which is in summer (June 15-17). Horror Manga Artist Suehiro Maruo has been hinting at a new Silent Hill game since last year, making these rumors more credible.

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