Sony acquires 1.9 Percent Stake of From Software’s Parent Company

Sony acquires 1.9 Percent Stake of From Software’s Parent Company
Written by Ankit Gaba

Sony has acquired 1.9 Percent of Ownership of Kadokawa – The Japanese Giant that owns From Software, Publishes Manga and Movies. Sony talked about the investment in their Financial earnings and said that they invested in the company for “global expansion power of animation and consumer games.”

The deal will help in the “creation, development, and acquisition” of new IPs along with allowing them to “maximize the value of the abundant IP that we already own” Yes, they might be talking about Bloodborne, and a sequel might finally happen.

The image above is from Kadokawa’s latest financial earnings.

“We believe that it is necessary to procure such funds in order not to miss potential investment opportunities and to solidify our ability to create IP based on our track record of creating rich and unique IP consisting of a diverse portfolio of books, movies, animations, games, and UGC platforms, both financially and financially,”
This investment by Sony will also help Kadokawa’s mobile gaming studio called “CyberAgent,” which is huge in Japan.

This could mean that they might make another PlayStation Exclusive (Fingers crossed for Bloodborne 2) or even a new PlayStation Exclusive IP but just saying this is not confirmed yet. This is just speculation outside the financial earnings thing. I really hope that they make a game with Sony Japan Studios (Studio that helped with Bloodborne and Demon Souls Remake); this combination is amazing; not saying that From Software isn’t good on their own they are great either way, but this will make things even better.

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