Horror Manga Artist Suehiro Maruo hints at a new Silent Hills Game

Written by Ankit Gaba

A new Silent Hills Game has been rumoured for a while, according to the Previous rumours Silent Hill was in Development with Sony, Kojima Productions, and Konami working together but shortly after those rumours, Konami denied them. Konami is either working on the Silent Hills game alone or they have lied to us, We do know that Kojima might be working on a Horror Game so Konami could have just lied to hide that they are working on a new Silent Hills game.

It could be a multiplatform game at this point.

Earlier, Suehiro Maruo, a Japanese Manga Artist posted this he might be working on a Silent Hills Manga or the Concept Art.

He also posted the same image on Tumblr.

When Konami Denied about working on Silent Hills with Sony the person who started the rumour DuskGolem Posted this:
DuskGolem is a reliable leaker and a mod at ResetEra.


He also said “For the record, I know this sounds weird coming from the guy sharing the Silent Hill Japan Studio and Kojima in talks for a reboot guy, but I think the other rumour some are correlating about Sony buying Konami IPs like Metal Gear and Castlevania is a load of hogwash. I possess some true information, does completely debunk that. I don’t know anyone at Konami myself again, I don’t know what Metal Gear or Castlevania is up to. But what I do know is Sony doesn’t own the Silent Hill IP and it’s very clear Konami isn’t looking to sell it. I think people are taking the Silent Hill mention here to this other rumour, and I can see from an outside perspective how they may seem to connect, but I’m going to insist now it’s a coincidence. I also can say very competently Konami DID NOT sell the Silent Hill IP to Sony.”


as the Konami PR said, “it’s not to say we are completely closing the door on the franchise, just not in the way it is being reported.”

They possibly denied the rumour of Sony buying Silent Hills and Castlevania IPs.

That means there’s still a chance that Kojima Productions and Konami have agreed upon a Silent Hills game.

After the poor sales of Death Stranding, Kojima possibly wanted to resurrect Silent Hills.

and Kojima is making a horror game so there is a really big chance that it’s Silent Hills.

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