Immortals of Aveum Starter Guide: Master Magic, Gear Up, Acquire Gold, and Defeat Enemies

Immortals of Aveum Starter Guide: Master Magic, Gear Up, Acquire Gold, and Defeat Enemies
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Immortals of Aveum delivers players into a stunning fantasy realm brimming with magic, mythical beasts, and epic adventures. As a new hero named Jak, you must master mystical powers and primal weaponry to bring peace to the war-torn land of Aveum. This beginner’s guide provides crucial tips across key areas like combat, gearing up, exploration, story progression and more to help you make the most of your journey.

Understanding the Magic System in Immortals of Aveum
Understanding the Magic System in Immortals of Aveum

Magic is your most vital asset in Immortals of Aveum’s combat and progression. As a rare Triarch Magnus, Jak can harness the full spectrum of Aveum’s magical forces:

  • Red Magic – Embodies chaos, destruction and fire. Excellent for close-range combat.
  • Blue Magic – Controls elemental forces like water, wind, lightning. Ideal for ranged attacks.
  • Green Magic – Represents life, nature and restoration. Best for crowd control and support.

You can switch between Jak’s magical arsenal seamlessly during combat. Red magic brings brute magical force up close. The focused power of blue magic is great for sniping enemies from afar. Green magic allows you to manipulate the battlefield, inhibiting foes while empowering yourself.

Pay close attention to the color and magical abilities of enemies you encounter. Using their opposite magic type against them will deal more damage and be strategically effective. Mixing magic styles also unlocks unique effects – slowing foes with green magic before hitting them hard with high-damage red attacks is one example.

As you progress, Jak will acquire magical artifacts like the Dominion Mask which enhance his talents. Grasping these core foundations of Immortals of Aveum’s magic systems gives you an edge on the battlefield.

Gearing Up Jak for Battle

Gearing Up Jak for Battle in Immortals of Aveum

Discovering powerful mystical weaponry and armor is key to strengthening Jak on his journey. Here are some tips on gearing up:

  • Sigils act as foci for Jak’s magic, allowing him to wield spells offensively in combat. Equip the most powerful Sigils you obtain to maximize damage output.
  • Rings, Bracers and Totems provide boosts to vital stats like health, mana pool, magic damage, resistance and more. Keep them upgraded.
  • Check stores and loot golden chests frequently for new gear options to test out. Dismantle unused gear at Forges for crafting resources.
  • Upgrade favorite weapons/armor at Forges when possible using resources like essence and gold to increase their effectiveness.
  • Unlock Talents through XP gains to give passive boosts to Jak’s combat abilities and magic potency with certain gear equipped.

By keeping Jak’s magical arsenal and equipment updated, you’ll be ready to handle Aveum’s fiercest foes and challenges.

Exploring the World of Aveum
Exploring the World of Aveum

Aveum is an open world comprised of diverse interconnected regions like dense forests, scorching deserts, mysterious underground ruins and more for you to uncover. Use these tips when delving into Aveum’s realms:

  • New areas are unlocked as you progress the main story campaign. Explore regions as they open up to you.
  • Find and complete Shroudfanes – challenge dungeons hidden across Aveum. They offer combat/platforming trials with lucrative rewards.
  • Search for Lore Texts that reveal details on characters, locations, historical events and more. Listen to NPCs for additional context.
  • Grab collectibles like mana and health crystals by destroying crates and defeating enemies to stock up on consumables.
  • Activate Leylines when available to quickly traverse Aveum. Unlock fast travel points to swiftly move between known regions.

Thoroughly exploring everything Aveum has to offer is key to unlocking Jak’s full power and uncovering the secrets behind the Everwar.

Mastering Combat

Mastering Combat of Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum delivers challenging, frenetic combat across its vast fantasy landscape. Use these combat strategies to defeat foes:

  • Never stand still – constantly move and evade. Enemies are aggressive and pack a punch on higher difficulties.
  • Get up close with Red magic, go ranged with Blue magic projectiles, and control crowds with Green magic AOEs when needed.
  • Activate Jak’s Ultimate when the gauge fills up to unleash devastating Dominion beam attacks, excellent for handling large groups or bosses.
  • Use Sigil augments like shields, damage boosts and more during battles for an added edge when needed.
  • If overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to retreat and recover before re-engaging with a new battle plan.

Through practice, you’ll get a feel for toggling between Jak’s magic styles fluidly and responding to the ebb and flow of Immortals of Aveum’s demanding enemy encounters.

Taking Down Bosses

Taking Down Bosses in Immortals of Aveum

Epic boss battles present a stiff challenge and are significant milestones in Jak’s journey. Use these boss battle strategies:

  • Come prepared before initiating boss fights. Equip your most powerful weapons, armor and consumables beforehand.
  • Study bosses to learn their attack patterns and weaknesses before directly engaging. Survive more than inflicting damage at first.
  • Look for openings to strike once you understand their moves. Focus on landing big charged up magic attacks when possible.
  • Keep moving constantly. Use Sigil augments to absorb massive attacks when needed. Don’t get greedy.
  • Have plenty of health consumables ready to replenish Jak’s HP if it gets low. Back off and recover completely if close to death.

Taking your time to learn and adapt to each boss opens the door to eventually dominating these climactic encounters.

Managing Resources

Managing Resources in Immortals of Aveum

It’s important to manage Jak’s consumables, currencies and gear efficiently on your journey:

  • Don’t waste powerful single-use consumables like Dominion Charges on standard enemies. Reserve them for boss fights.
  • Sell unused weapons, armor and accessories at Forges to gain more valuable gold and essence for future purchases and upgrades.
  • Be selective when spending gold and essence. Only invest in gear you plan on keeping for a good while, don’t waste these resources.
  • Dismantle unused gear pieces to stock up on crafting materials like essence of a specific type.
  • Take time to destroy crates, crystals and defeat foes to replenish valuable health/mana consumables, gold and essence. You’ll need a steady supply of these.

With Aveum’s resources managed wisely, you’ll be equipped to tackle greater challenges.

Achieving Victory in Duels
Achieving Victory in Duels in Immortals of Aveum

Throughout the story, Jak will be challenged by powerful foes to mystical duels. Use these tips to prevail:

  • Before starting a duel, equip Jak’s strongest Sigils, Totems and other gear tailored for the fight ahead.
  • Carefully study your opponent’s fighting style and magic abilities before directly engaging them.
  • When the duel starts, let your enemy strike first. Defend yourself initially and learn their patterns before retaliating.
  • Once you see an opening, attack decisively with combo spells and don’t relent to overwhelm them.
  • Have your Ultimate ability ready to activate when charged for a pivotal advantage.
  • Use Sigil augments to absorb massive attacks when needed, but don’t get greedy chasing damage.

With patience and practice using these adapted tactics, Jak will be able to defeat Aveum’s most formidable duelists.

The Story and Characters

The Story and Characters in Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum revolves around Jak, a young orphan who discovers he is a Triarch Magnus, one capable of wielding all three types of magic. He gets caught up in the ongoing Everwar between the Rasharn and Lucium factions.

Jak aligns with the Immortals, an elite force led by the wise Sorcerer Azarith. They aim to take down the sinister Sandrakk, who controls the Rasharn and seeks forbidden magic to conquer Aveum.

On his quest, Jak explores the mystical realms of Aveum, makes allies like the brave Mercy and cunning Crowe, and uncovers more about his mysterious past. The choices he makes will determine the fate of the Everwar.

Navigating Aveum’s Realms
Navigating Aveum's Realms in Immortals of Aveum

Aveum is comprised of diverse magical realms. Some key regions Jak will explore include:

  • Nocea – A vibrant coastal area where Jak begins his journey. Has forests and Illita Mines.
  • Palathon – A massive coastal city with training grounds to hone combat skills.
  • Exile – Former home of the Immortals, now a desolate icy land. Quest through the frosted Glacial Temple.
  • Glaivegate – An earthy region housing the Skyforge needed to craft special weapons.
  • Caldera – Volcanic realm filled with fire enemies. Clear the Scalding Cavern challenge.

Handling Aveum’s Enemies

Handling Aveum's Enemies in Immortals of Aveum

Jak will combat deadly foes from the Rasharn and Lucium forces, including:

  • Brutes – Heavily armored shock troops. Use Green magic to slow them.
  • Pyromancers – Wield powerful fire magic. Defeat with Blue magic from a distance.
  • Dark Duelists – Agile fighters with shadow magic. Engage up close with Red magic.
  • Tempests – Air spirits that attack from range. Ground them with Blue Magic.
  • Marksmen – Snipe from afar with flaming arrows. Get up close and use Red magic.

Managing Currencies

Managing Currencies and Gold in Immortals of aver

Beyond gold, Jak will obtain colored Essence from enemies that corresponds to the three magic types:

  • Red Essence – Use to purchase/upgrade Red magic gear at Forges.
  • Blue Essence – Use to purchase/upgrade Blue magic gear.
  • Green Essence – Use to purchase/upgrade Green magic gear.
  • Legendary Essence – Rare material used for elite weapons and armor.

Prioritize getting Legendary gear to maximize Jak’s potential, using regular Essence for early game upgrades.

Exploring Aveum’s Secrets

Exploring Immortals of Aveum's Secrets

There are many hidden secrets and collectibles to find exploring Aveum’s realms:

  • Search every corner to find Health/Mana crystals, gold, and crafting materials in crates.
  • Destroy colored crystals with matching Totem beams to get bonuses.
  • Complete Shroudfane challenges for big rewards. Use gear suited for challenges.
  • Locate and activate Fast Travel points to quickly traverse regions.
  • Uncover Lore Texts that reveal backstory and world info.

Thoroughly combing each region pays dividends in gear, currency, and permanent stat boosts.

Advanced Combat Strategies

Once familiar with the basics, utilize these advanced combat techniques:

  • Combine Slowing Totems with Red magic for devastating damage against slowed enemies.
  • Use Blue Magic’s Lightning Sigil to stun enemies, then pummel them with Red magic.
  • Employ Green Magic’s Poison Sigil on distant targets while fighting up close.
  • Kite enemies into environmental hazards like steam geysers that can damage them.
  • Fully charge up Ultimate before big fights so it’s ready to deploy instantly.

Master mixing magic types for maximum efficiency against the varied foes you will face.

With this expanded advice, you now have a detailed blueprint covering everything from the winding story, distinct realms, friend and foe alike, resource management, exploration secrets, and advanced combat to excel in your adventures across Aveum’s mystical lands. Best of luck vanquishing foes and unveiling the Everwar’s epic mysteries!

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