How to use a PS4 Controller or Other Controllers on Android and iOS for Genshin Impact

How to use a PS4 Controller on Android and iOS for Genshin Impact
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It may seem unusual at first to use a controller with a mobile device, but it is surprisingly simple to accomplish when playing Genshin Impact. On mobile devices, there are both official and unofficial ways to get controller support. iOS users will be able to acquire official controller compatibility, however, Android users will have to rely on third-party solutions. In any case, Genshin Impact gamers can use a controller to play the game, even on mobile devices. On mobile devices, playing using a controller is a unique experience that some players want to learn more about. It’s worth noting that not all controller types are compatible with mobile devices, whether they’re Android or iOS. However, miHoYo did provide some information on which controllers should function with iOS. If Genshin Impact players have upgraded their iOS version to iOS 14 or higher, they are authorized to use the following controllers: Wireless Xbox Controller (Bluetooth) Series 2 of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation Bluetooth MiFi Controllers Kishi Razer Players should go to their settings and select “Control Type” under “Controls” from the drop-down menu. Players should pick “Controller” instead of “Touchscreen” from the drop-down option under “Control Type.” Players will, however, need to re-enable their controller each time they start Genshin Impact. For this to operate, the controller must be turned on, and the player’s iOS smartphone must be able to connect to Bluetooth. The control schemes for PS and Xbox controllers are identical to those used on their respective consoles. Unfortunately, while iOS received official controller support in Genshin Impact 1.3, no official news on when Android devices will receive official controller support has been released. Image from Genshin Impact However, there are unofficial ways to play Genshin Impact using a controller on Android smartphones. Unfortunately, some of those ways have resulted in users being banned, so it’s a catch-22 situation. Users who are dead set on accomplishing it on Android can simply locate several methods on YouTube. However, there is always the chance that anything will go wrong for the user. Android users do not have access to the same features as iOS users, so it’s best to be safe than sorry. The YouTube video demonstrates how it can be used on Android, however, it is mostly for educational reasons. Users on Android should wait patiently for miHoYo to deliver an update that addresses this critical vulnerability until then. Otherwise, some gamers risk it all for something as insignificant as using a controller in the larger scheme of things. Does Genshin Impact have controller support for mobile devices? Genshin Impact was concurrently released for mobile (Android, iOS), PC, and Play Station. The developers have implemented controller compatibility for PC and PS, but not for mobile devices. As of now, Genshin Impact does not support controllers on mobile devices. However, the creators have hinted that the feature would be included in future releases. However, if Android users are ready to incur some risks, there is still some relief. There is a third-party app that allows you to play Genshin Impact using a controller on mobile devices. Octopus- Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard Keymapper is the programmer you’ll utilize. It is free to use and can be found in the Google Play store. It is free to use and can be found in the Google Play store. Octopus maps on-screen buttons to gamepad buttons, allowing you to play the game freely with the controller. Step by Step guide for connecting a controller to play Genshin Impact 1. Here is a link to the Google Play Store where you may get the Octopus App. 2. After installing the app, open it and use it to connect the controller. 3. Launch Genshin Impact through the Octopus app when the controller has been successfully connected. When the game first starts, two eyes will appear at the top of the screen. 4. To view a screen exhibiting the controller’s buttons, click that logo and then the ‘+’ button. 5. Place your left and right analog pads after that. 6. You must first click on the ‘+’ sign, then on the key selection, to map keys. Type the name of the button and assign it to whatever functions you want each key to perform, whether it’s to attack, run, or use special skills. 7. While using the controller, try mapping the keys in the sequence that you are most familiar with. 8. Some capabilities, such as swapping characters or upgrading weaponry, would still be unavailable to map to controller keys. You’ll be using your touch screen for this. 9. You can alter the opacity settings from the same interface you used to map the game keys to make the keys disappear from the mobile screen.

How to use a PS4 Controller on Android and iOS for Genshin Impact? Well, it’s quite easy.

Using a PlayStation 4 controller for Genshin Impact is quite easy for both iOS and Android. You just have to hold the share button and the PlayStation Home button. The light for the controller will start blinking, and then you can just turn on your Bluetooth and connect your device with the Dualshock 4 (PlayStation 4’s Controller) If you do not understand this process, you can watch a video on it by clicking here. Image from Genshin Impact

After Connecting the Controller

After you have connected your phone to your PS4 Controller, the controller will stop blinking and then you can just simply go open Genshin Impact go to the settings and change control type from touch screen to controller. If you are still having any issues related to this matter, please let us know in the comments below, and we will try to help you. NOTE: You can only use a controller on iOS if you have iOS 14 or above. If you have any iOS under that, the controller is incompatible and will not work. This method will work on iPad and PC as well. What do you think about this? Please let us know in the comments below and check out more guides by Gaming Route by clicking here.  

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