Housemarque wants to make more AAA Games like Returnal

Housemarque wants to make more AAA Games like Returnal
Written by Vince Abella

Recently the marketing director of Housemarque spoke with Game Reactor and stated, “Yes, we’ve been working on two projects previously, and now with Returnal, we have, of course, only one project. It’s hard to say if we will continue with one or two projects in the future, but the idea of us now being able to establish ourselves with Returnal will be defining the future type of titles we want to make. The idea is that we now want to show we’re not just a “Resogun-studio.” We can do all kinds of things, and from our studio’s perspective, that means that we want to go for these bigger types of experiences. Now, we still love arcade. We still love smaller games as well. Who knows? Maybe 26 years in the future, we’ll do more of that as well. But that really depends on how successful we are able to build ourselves with the types of experiences that Returnal now is representing.”
So basically, they want to make more projects like Returnal. Instead of just making more Indie Games, they just want to make bigger games for now because of the reception and sales of Returnal. I cannot wait to see what Housemarque ends up making next. I am really interested in seeing what they will be able to make with even more resources.
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