Hideo Kojima states that Metal Gear and Silent Hill IP acquisition rumours are false

Recently, in an interview with Live Door Kojima has said that the Silent Hill IP and MGS IP acquisition rumors are false, Kojima stated “Oh, that’s completely a hoax. At least I didn’t listen at all”. Live Door also asked him about his next game, and he stated that “I can’t talk because it’s still in the planning stage, but I’m working a lot under the surface. Just recently, a big project has become unpopular, and it’s a bit stuffy (laughs). Well, as is often the case in this industry.”

Now, this confirms that all the rumors about Sony acquiring Metal Gear and Silent Hill IP are entirely false.

Later, Live Door also asked Kojima, “In December 2015, Kojima Productions was established immediately after leaving Konami. Did your attitude toward production change from before?”


Kojima replied with, “It doesn’t change at all. If it turns, I don’t think we should make a game.

Of course, in the Konami era, I would have had to take responsibility only if I failed, but now there is a difference because it leads to the “dissolution of the studio.” But I don’t think it affects game production.”

Konami could be creating their own Silent Hill game with other developers, and not Kojima. All of the acquisition rumors are entirely false, though we don’t know if Konami is creating Silent Hills with Sony in a partnership that could be true.

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