How Konami can revive Castlevania with a Reboot

How Konami can revive Castlevania with a Reboot
Written by Ankit Gaba

Recently, a Castlevania show on Netflix was released by Adi Shankar, which received a great reception from the Audience, and Critics this could lead to a reboot of the Castlevania Franchise in Gaming Koji Igarashi has developed a Spiritual Successor to the franchise named “Bloodstained” but Can Konami revive the Castlevania franchise?

Konami is currently developing a Castlevania mobile game called “Castlevania Grimoire of Souls” but what I really wanna see is a AAA Castlevania game like Castlevania Lords of Shadow.

With the Silent Hills franchise revival rumors floating around, if they are correct, this is possible Konami can revive Castlevania franchise too if they can revive Silent Hills.

Kojima recently told Live Door in an interview that the rumors of someone acquiring MGS and Silent Hill franchises are entirely false. Still, Konami can revive Silent Hill by themselves, and they released a Silent Hill DLC for Dead by Daylight, Masahiro Ito also retweeted the PlayStation 5 Event announcement, which could hint at the confirmation of an upcoming Silent Hill game. If Konami can successfully revive Silent Hill, they can reboot Castlevania too!


There have been a lot of rumors about a Castlevania Remake with the bloodborne style, but they were on 4chan, so take them with a massive grain of salt.

The 4chan user stated ”
Hello, I’m an employee from Konami (Sorry for my bad English).
I heard (for a little moment) that Sony wants to buy franchises such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania.

They want to remake MG1 and MG2: SS (just ideologically after the fifth part is suitable). Kojima is involved. PS5 exclusive.

Silent Hill x Keiichiro Toyama (Sony, Gravity Rush/Siren/Silent Hill 1) x Masahiro Ito ( Soft reboot. PS5 exclusive. Maybe Ikumi Nakamura involved (She’s with SIE now).”

Dusk Golem (an insider) also stated on Resetera, “I guess I should comment on this. Again, I don’t know anyone at Konami, and I literally don’t know anything about MGS or Castlevania stuff or what those franchises are up to. But I can say two things for a fact:

01. Sony doesn’t own the Silent Hill IP, Konami is keeping it and looking into doing other things outside of gaming with the IP.
02. I think some people are going to read into the other rumor and this one as being a sign of something, but I’m more thinking it’s coincidences. I just can’t see a scenario at the moment Konami sells its IPs, they’re not that strapped for cash right now and have publicly commented on knowing the value of their IPs.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can say from what I’ve heard and the receipts I’ve seen, Konami is just licensing the IP out to Sony, not selling it to them.”

Castlevania. Full reboot. Shutaro Iida x Koji Igarashi x Sony Japan project. Very bloodborne style, I think more like Lords of Shadow. Not 2d. PS5 exclusive.”

Here’s how a modern Castlevania game can be like:

A Castlevania Soulslike game:


Castlevania Symphony of the Night inspired Soulslike genre. You can quickly tell that by the exploration, back-tracking, and the opaque story-telling. Castlevania Symphony of the Night also introduced a lot of RPG elements like stats, leveling, equipment, weapons, and magic. The Combat also relies a lot on dodging, spacing, and timing your attacks to hit enemies before they hit you. Dark Souls was inspired a lot by this and had most of these elements, but in 3d now imagine a 3d AAA Castlevania game like this, it would be fascinating going to Dracula’s castle in a 3d Environment. At the same time, the OST plays would feel so good.

A Soulslike Castlevania game would be perfect since they capture the challenging Combat like original Castlevania games if Konami can somehow manage to get Koji Igarashi and Warren Ellis to work on it. It would be a dream come true for Castlevania fans imagine playing as Trevor Belmont from the beginning, and the ending boss fight is Dracula that sounds amazing.

Yes, I know that there have already been 3d Castlevania games, but most of them were more like Ninja Gaiden and Original God of War games. They focused only a little on Back-Tracking and Exploration, which are vital parts of the 2d Castlevania games.


A Lords of Shadow like Reboot:


I would love another Castlevania Lords of Shadow-like reboot many compared Lords of Shadow to God of War games. Still, it was very different. It was a combination of God of War and Prince of Persia. I love to hack and slash games. I wouldn’t mind another Castlevania game which has hack and slash elements DMC V could be an inspiration for the next Castlevania game where we can play as Dracula.

While Castlevania Lords of Shadow was a fantastic game, the sequel was mediocre, and they did a lot of things wrong even the developers admitted it. They stated, “What was our mistake – maybe – was focusing on the psychological conflict of Dracula. It led us to make a few decisions that now, with the perspective of time, I would have taken a different way. People were expecting something similar to what we did for the first one, but bigger and better. Instead, we put on the table something completely different. And we took some unfortunate decisions.”

Adi Shankar is also currently developing a Devil May Cry Netflix Show if you didn’t know it will have the same universe as the Castlevania show.

A God of War like Reboot:


A God of War-Like Castlevania reboot would be fantastic considering the amount of lore, and the amazing story-line Castlevania has just like God of War, and the Combat can be great too imagine if we play as a Belmont the whip can work like Kratos’s Blades of Chaos, I wouldn’t mind that, and the exploration would be great also since God of War is designed around back-tracking and the RPG elements would make the Castlevania reboot even better.

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