Polybridge 2 Review

Poly Bridge 2
Written by Ankit Gaba


Developer: Dry Cactus

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Reviewed On: Mac

Price: 15$


After one of the most acclaimed bridge-making called “Polybridge” Dry Cactus decided to make a Sequel, the first Polybridge game has sold 3 million copies,

Poly Bridge 2 has the most satisfying physics I have ever seen in a game; the way bridges fall is fantastic.



Poly Bridge 2 has the most satisfying gameplay, I have seen in a while even when you fail, It will feel satisfying, There are four worlds each containing 16 levels there are a total of 64 degrees in the campaign, They give you a budget to make the bridges too.

The levels are quite challenging, but you can go over budget, which makes things quite easier I couldn’t complete the entire game in time. Still, I played many levels from different worlds. The experience was very satisfying Poly Bridge 2 is my favorite Bridge Making game so far, there’s just so much stuff to do, Poly Bridge 2 has a Steam Workshop, where you can play levels created by other people, you can also create your levels in the sandbox mode which is very easy to use.

The Total amount of materials in Poly Bridge 2 is seven, which includes Road, Wood, Steel, Hydraulics, Rope, Cable, and Springs.

Roads just usually work they are the essential material to make bridges, Wood and Steel help your bridges to maintain themselves properly. At the same time, the vehicle passes and gets to the flag. Hydraulics come to help when you need to get a specific part of the Bridge upwards or downwards to avoid Ships and Planes.

Each level is very different from the previous one, which makes the game less repetitive and adds more fun.

Making Bridges is very easy; you can switch to grid mode, which is quite useful; you can also slow down the speed of simulation to make it more satisfying.

Sometimes the levels can be very challenging, and I love challenging games the most challenging levels were in the 4th World.

FYI: You don’t have to complete the previous level to advance to the next level.

The only issue I have had with Poly Bridge 2 so far is that there aren’t enough tutorials explaining how to use the tools properly, for example, I couldn’t figure out how to use Springs properly, but I figured it out by myself later.

You can also save your replays and share them on Social Media, which was a handy option for me, at least.

Another issue I had was the clipping issues, sometimes it bothered me a lot, but the physics in Poly Bridge 2 is fantastic.


The Art Style of Poly Bridge 2 is very pleasing, and simplistic, which I loved, I even made a screenshot from Poly Bridge 2 my Desktop Wallpaper just because of how naive it is.



DryCactus did a fantastic job on the Soundtrack the music is very relaxing, which makes Poly Bridge 2 even more satisfying to play, sometimes the music just goes with the SFX, which just sounds fantastic.


Poly Bridge 2 is the best Bridge Making game currently if you are a fan of the genre. Please buy it as soon as possible, It has some minor issues, but they don’t take the enjoyment, and satisfying physics out of the game.



Physics are very satisfying, and it’s fun to watch the simulations.

Controls are very responsive.

The Soundtrack is very pleasing.

The Art Style is pretty and simple.


The Tutorials are hard to understand, and there aren’t tutorials for certain materials/tools you have to figure out how to use them by yourself, which can be hard.

Clipping Issues.

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