Hackers have stolen 780 GB of Data From Electronic Arts

Hackers have stolen 780 GB of Data From Electronic Arts
Written by Vince Abella

In a recent report from Vice, AAA developer EA has been hacked revealing tons of information. Player data is safe from the hack, however, the Frostbite engine, known for being used primarily for Star Wars, Need for Speed and the Battlefield franchises, has been obtained by the hackers. The hackers have also managed to obtain the FIFA 21 source code. Lots of more technical things like software development kits and proprietary EA frameworks were stolen, with hundreds of GB of data stolen.
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EA has since responded, and in addition to confirming that there was a breach, a representative for the gaming company has stated that they are currently undergoing an investigation into the hack. The representative also mentioned that they are working with law enforcement in an effort to find the hackers. Said hackers have also released proof that they have the data, despite not showing the data itself. There are reasons to believe that the hackers are attempting to sell the source codes and the other stolen data, although this has not been confirmed yet. The representative has also stated that as well as players being safe, they have since made their security tighter in order to protect their data. EA still plans to continue on with their games and business being unimpeded by the hack.

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