Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in “Very Early Development” Despite being in development for more than 6 years

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in "Very Early Development" Despite being in development for more than 6 years
Written by Ankit Gaba

It seems like Beyond Good and Evil is still in “very, very early development” according to Jason Schreier, he revealed this on his podcast. I do not expect it to release anytime soon because Jason Schreier is very reliable, and the director of Beyond Good and Evil recently left Ubisoft as well The game started development around early 2014, according to rumours, and it was showcased in 2016, so it seems like a very bad thing for the fans I doubt if it is even on their E3 Presentation at this point. They should not have shown the game back then; it just gave the fans hope for more which led to a worse situation, sadly.
Image from Beyond Good and Evil 2
Hopefully, it does release one day, and it turns out to be as well-received as the original game, which I sadly have not played yet but definitely plan to someday. I think that they should port it to modern consoles to at least like make the fanbase a bit happier they could even get another Studio to do some sort of remaster or something.
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  • Just means they want to have more to show. No way to know how Covid and whatever else affected their plans. The game started dev in 2014 not according to rumors, but to the devs themselves – that’s when they started building on the new engine after Rayman Legends.

    Ancel departing shouldn’t have too much of an impact, from what I’ve seen he has been more hands-off for the non-groundwork anyways.

    I feel like journalists still miss the point of the early announcement of the game: To include the audience in the development. It wasn’t part of the hype cycle leading up to release, but rather to reach out to the fanbase.

    Could you cite more exactly when Jason talks about BGE2? Not keen on skipping through an hour for it.

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