Guerilla Games shares new information about Horizon Forbidden West

Guerilla Games shares new information about Horizon Forbidden West
Written by Ankit Gaba

A Guerilla Games spokesperson recently talked to GamesRadar and told them what you could expect from Horizon Forbidden West.

Guerilla Games have said, “We’re so excited to spend more time in this world, expanding its lore and continuing Aloy’s journey, There are so many gameplay and storytelling possibilities in this universe, and we can’t wait to explore them further in Horizon Forbidden West.”

I’m definitely looking forward to this because I think that the Story-Telling could improve a bit in the Sequel, and if what they are saying is true, then it’s a day one purchase for me. I also created a wishlist for Horizon Forbidden West previously; you can read it here.

Guerilla Games later stated, “Part of what made the machine combat in Horizon Zero Dawn so satisfying was the puzzle-solving element in each encounter. What is this machine’s attack pattern? What are its weaknesses? Which strategies are most successful? There was the harsh reality of stumbling upon machines that you weren’t quite ready to take on. Our reveal trailer showed players they can look forward to things they’ve never seen before, but we’d like to leave it at that for now and preserve as much of that satisfaction for players to discover for themselves.”

I think they are saying that they will add more satisfying things and improve upon the game’s existing elements. I really hope that they add more mounts. I would love to ride on Glinthawks and Stormbirds to explore the world in Horizon Forbidden West. We know that Aloy would be able to go underwater in Horizon Forbidden West. As we have seen in the trailer, there are underwater machines. If we can override them and ride them, it would be transcendent. We might even see Aloy fighting enemies that are riding on robots. If we can fight them using machines, I would love to see that.

“Combat isn’t the only area of Horizon Forbidden West where Guerrilla is expanding and enriching the foundation it set with Zero Dawn. As seen in the reveal trailer, Aloy now possesses an underwater breathing apparatus, which allows her to descend into Earth’s lakes and oceans, uncovering new treasures, revelations, and threats beneath.” Said Guerilla Games’ Spokesman

So they have basically confirmed that there’s an underwater exploration system where you uncover treasures and fight enemies. I really wonder how they will manage to make the underwater combat satisfying. Still, Guerilla Games literally perfected the bow combat in Horizon Zero Dawn, so I do not doubt them.

Guerilla Games also promised “a dangerous, mysterious place, filled with new challenges and discoveries” as the world for Horizon Forbidden West.

I’m really interested in seeing how they improve the world since I was not a big fan of Horizon Zero Dawn’s world stuff like quests got very repetitive at times.

Source: GamesRadar

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