9 Things we want to see in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West was recently announced on the PlayStation 5 event. The trailer was gorgeous, and we know that Horizon Forbidden West is set a couple of years after Horizon Zero Dawn, as Aloy mentions in the trailer that it has been 1000 years since the Old Ones fell. Horizon Zero Dawn was set near the year 3040, which was 974 years after the Human Extinction in 2066 Aloy is 26 years older than she was in the first game.

Check out the trailer for Horizon Forbidden West here:

Better Melee combat


Horizon Zero Dawn’s Melee Combat was very simple there wasn’t much depth to it I would love to see the melee combat being better in Horizon Forbidden West I would also like to see more melee weapons in Horizon Forbidden West there was only one type of melee combat weapon in Horizon Zero Dawn there should be more melee combat weapon types, not just a spear there should also be an ability to parry enemy attacks with the spear or block the attacks maybe even special abilities a 360-degree attack could work too

Horizon Forbidden West could also use better modifications to weapons instead of the damage boost. There should be unique attributes, too, or maybe even a special ability that can be equipped on the weapon.

Ability to override more machines


My most wanted thing in Horizon Forbidden West is the ability to override and ride more machines. I would love to ride on Glinthawks, and Stormbirds to explore the world in Horizon Forbidden West, we know that Aloy would be able to go underwater in Horizon Forbidden West, as we have seen in the trailer, there are underwater machines. If we can override them and ride them, it would be transcendent we might even see Aloy fighting enemies that are riding on robots if we can fight them using machines I would love to see that.

The ability to ride bigger machines like thunderjaw would be magnificent.

Better Facial Animations


Horizon Zero Dawn didn’t have amazing Facial animations. Still, the facial animations were mediocre. They can be a lot better at least for the main story the side quests would be excellent without “amazing” facial animations from what I have heard the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC fixed the lip-sync. Facial animations issue, Still, I have not played the DLC yet. In the main game, the facial animations don’t feel real at all. Even when a character dies, it just feels mediocre, and you can’t see their expressions. Aloy has the same feeling a lot of times in Horizon Zero Dawn, and whenever the expression changes, it never fits what she’s saying or feeling. Witcher 3 also deals with the same problem. At times it feels lifeless.

Advanced Parkour


Horizon Zero Dawn had fundamental parkour elements. It didn’t feel amazing. The parkour was just mediocre. One of the primary inspirations for the parkour can be The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, or if they want to go for realism more, it could be like Uncharted 4. The parkour felt great in Uncharted 4, and Naughty Dog went for realistic mechanics.

Parkour was one of the main aspects of Horizon Zero Dawn, but it felt artificial. I hope that Guerilla can make the parkour mechanics better in Horizon Forbidden West.

More Lands to Explore


From the trailer we have seen, there are lots of places to explore Deserts, Islands, Forests and the Underwater cities I hope the Open World feels full of life, for example, Horizon Zero Dawn’s Open World didn’t feel alive RDR2 is a game that does the Open World magnificently it could definitely take some inspirations from Red Dead Redemption 2’s Open World I hope we get to see Sacred Land and Carja Sundom in Horizon Forbidden West those areas were really great to look at. We know that Horizon Forbidden West is set in an all-new location, but there’s a possibility that we can go to the places that were in Horizon Zero Dawn too.

Better AI


Horizon Zero Dawn’s AI was great on Machines, but the human AI was a mixed bag there should be weak points on Humans too, maybe even a little bit of gore and dismemberment or let us injure the Human AI in Horizon Forbidden West. There were some points in Horizon Zero Dawn when the Human AI said, “I think there’s someone killing us” the AI just stands there, looks around for 10 seconds runs and then squats down it felt peculiar I hope Guerilla Games can improve the Human AI in Horizon Forbidden West.

More Stealth Sections


There wasn’t a lot of stealth sections in Horizon Zero Dawn, but Horizon Forbidden West can definitely take advantage of stealth sections with new types of melee weapons and the arrows maybe even something similar to the stealth in Metal Gear Solid series Horizon Forbidden West can take inspiration from the Metal Gear Solid series for the stealth sections.

More Customization


Customization armor system can be significant in Horizon Forbidden West instead of being able to wear outfits we should be able to pick and choose pieces of the armor to create our outfits maybe even outfits suited to the weather, for example, Cold Weather armor when Aloy is in Snowy Regions, Hot Weather armor when Aloy is in a Desert and maybe a different kind of armor for the contaminated areas.

More Cities and the ability to do more things in Cities


There weren’t a lot of Cities in Horizon Zero Dawn. Still, the Cities that were in Horizon Zero Dawn were kind of empty there was not much stuff to do except buying resources there can be some minigames too maybe even building mechanics an essential thing that should be in cities is the ability to do more things and explore more places or shops the Human interaction system can be a lot better than the one in Horizon Zero Dawn.

What do you want in Horizon Forbidden West? Please let us know in the comments below.

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