GTA 5: How to Clear Casino Heist Without Trouble

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The heist of Diamond Casino is one of the most interesting missions in the Grand Theft Auto Online game. In the course of the mission, you need to infiltrate the Diamond Casino and rob a safe vault. For everything to go perfectly, you must take care of the preparation of the heist, setup, and the final missions.

What is Diamond Casino?

Diamond Casino is a beautiful location on Vinewood Park Drive, Los Santos. Along with the mission described in this review, you can visit this place and have fun playing multiple games that are similar to those you can find in real casinos. For instance, in Diamond Casino, there are many slot machines and free spins available. Although, compared to real-life online entertainment establishments such as VeloBet casino, the choice at the virtual Diamond Casino is not that impressive, of course. Also, you can try your luck playing blackjack, or compete with other players in three-card poker. This is truly an example of luxury with which no other object in the game can be compared. 

The Hideout

Before moving directly to the heist, the player must meet with Lester at Mirror Park, where he will be able to get a new Arcade Business Property. After that, the following playable games will be available to you:

  • Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw.
  • Defender of the Faith (Degenatron Classic).
  • Race and Chase: Street Legal.
  • Badlands Revenge II, and others.

Your task is to own an Arcade that you can get from Laze Bank Foreclosures. After that, you will be registered as a VIP, general director, or President of the MC to gain access to the Setup mission. The completion of the Setup mission is mandatory to gain access to planning.

Heist Structure

The heist of Diamond Casino is significantly different from all previous similar missions in GTA Online. To successfully complete the heist, it is necessary to choose among several Setup missions. All of them are individual and differ depending on the player’s chosen approach. 

For example, you can actively collect equipment items that can help you master the heist techniques and increase the likelihood of success.

Please note that you have several options for passing this mission:

  • On your own.
  • Together with other players from your organisation.
  • Together with Motorcycle Club participants.

Remember that while your team has shared lives remaining, you should not worry about the failures. The fact is that even if you fail in one of the scenarios, you will always have several other options to complete the heist.

Heist Setup Missions

GTA5 Online is not just one of those games offering realistic casino experiences to its players, but also the one providing a meticulous and thorough approach to such a discreet matter as a virtual casino heist. If you are a newcomer to this mission, you should understand that several heist types differ depending on the approach that you decide to choose. You can launch a Setup mission on the Heist Setup Board in a special Underground Hideout. 

You can use these missions to obtain the necessary information and equipment to complete the heist successfully. Please note that all these missions cannot be replayed. That is why, upon their completion, you need to move to the heist.

  • Silent & Sneaky: In this case, the players are trying to enter the vault with no ID verification and giving minimal resistance to enemies. There will be numerous security systems such as cameras in place, but fortunately, real-life ID recognition in casinos does not apply here, so it won’t pose a big problem if you do everything right. 
  • The Big Con: This mission is similar in terms of a stealth component to the previous one. However, there is one difference: players are passing themselves off as workers.
  • Aggressive: as the name implies, you need to use your entire arsenal to rudely break into the vault and cope with the maximum resistance.

For the first time, the Setup is free. After the Heist Finale, you can start the Setup Mission again for GTA $ 100,000 after a 10-minute cooldown.

Heist Prep Missions

Heist Prep will change based on the type of heist the group leader chooses. At the same time, both missions that were successfully conducted and those that failed are considered. As a result, you get a different set of bonuses, including the following:

  • Equipment
  • Weapon
  • Vehicles
  • The crew to which will be accessed in the Heist Finale

You can easily choose a team based on different factors, each determining a certain set of skills.

Heist Finale

After you have chosen to go in without revealing your ID on camera and all the Prep Missions are completed, the heist leader may initiate the finale. Keep in mind that the final mission requires from 2 to 4 players to get started. Beating the mission in a sneaky way can be difficult, so watching a guide on the mission walkthrough for the mission might help you a great deal. 

First of all, you need to complete all the details and choose the buyer’s locations, after which the mission will begin. This stage usually differs significantly depending on your chosen strategy and the equipment you received at the previous stage. Please note that the approach you used will not be available further when replaying the heist. Moreover, the next method will be more complicated and Marked by A Skull Post-it Note.

In a nutshell

Rockstar currently is one of the best game developers out there, which keeps polishing and improving its masterpiece, GTA5, years after its release. The Diamond Casino Heist update has brought multiple enhancements to GTAV, with the heist itself being the cherry on the cake. The fact that the update allows you to play online slots for free, right within the game itself, as well as introduces multiple approaches to rob the game’s biggest (and, well, only) casino is fascinating. The mission can be carried out almost in the Splinter Cell style, which many of stealth game fans like a lot. Overall, following the guide above will help you clear the mission without revealing your ID to in-game casino cameras and become a millionaire fast.

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