Game On: New and Revolutionary Mobile Games for All Ages

The mobile gaming industry has rapidly evolved and grown for so many years. With continuous technological advancements, we can anticipate the upcoming finest mobile games in 2023. Despite the hundreds of mobile games available, staying updated with the latest releases can be challenging.

This article aims to discuss and introduce the top 10 best mobile games to play nowadays.

Top 10 Best Mobile Games In the World

If you’re feeling bored with playing the same game repeatedly and are looking to try out some of the finest mobile games, don’t worry. Our selection below includes some of the leading titles and best mobile games worldwide across multiple genres for IOS and Android in 2023. 

Pokemon Go

Originating in the mid-90s as a Game Boy game, Pokemon (short for ‘pocket monster’) is a franchise that Nintendo owns. The game revolves around fictional creatures known as Pokemon, which humans capture and train to battle against one another. The franchise from Japan caught attention for its distinctive graphics and adorable characters. Pokemon’s popularity increased so quickly that it expanded to television, comics, toys, and trading cards. Today, after twenty years, it has returned as a mobile game based on location.


Fortnite is a royal battle game where 100 players engage in player-versus-player combat, intending to be the last person standing. It’s a fast-paced game similar to The Hunger Games, demanding strategic thinking to survive. Currently, Fortnite hosts an estimated 125 million players. 

PUBG Mobile

In recent years, the online world has experienced a surge in royal battle gaming with the release of several massive titles. Among these is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, commonly called PUBG by its fans. 

PUBG has been so popular for the last few years that when college students were learning how to write an essay example, their first writing was about this game and their experience while playing it. PUBG offers three different play modes: solo, duo, and squad. Each way has its unique advantages and disadvantages, with team play’s most significant pro being the presence of teammates who can provide support.

Among Us

This game’s concept is simple – players are assigned the role of either a crewmate or an impostor. Crewmates must complete a checklist of tasks on a spaceship to prepare it for takeoff. Some tasks, like ‘Clean O2 Filter,’ can be completed quickly, while others, such as ‘Fix Weather Node,’ require multiple steps. However, at least one impostor in the game always tries to sabotage the ship and destroy the whole crew.


The Minecraft game involves placing blocks to build houses and embarking on journeys. This includes various activities, such as constructing elaborate houses, crafting essential tools like weapons, and even entire cities, all within the game’s virtual environment. Imagine it like an infinite world of sophisticated LEGOs that empowers players to visualize, actualize, and conceive whatever their imagination conjures up.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a game you’ve heard of. It allows players to see World War II through the eyes of American, British, and Soviet soldiers, offering a unique perspective on the conflict. The game blended demanding single-player missions with a multiplayer engine reviving a genre initially popularized by iconic titles like Quake and Doom.

Clash of Clans

Have you played Clash of Clans before? This Supercell mobile game has a multiplayer strategy where players can manage and build their communities, train troops, and attack other players. It allows players to join a clan or create their own and communicate with other players via in-game messaging and voice chat.

Candy Crush

In Candy Crush Saga, players solve puzzles by matching three or more colored candy pieces. This is done by swapping the candies vertically or horizontally, causing the matched candies to disappear and the remaining sweets to shift and fall into empty spaces.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers, developed by Kiloo, is a mobile gaming app and website that can be played solo. The game aims to evade a train inspector while avoiding incoming trains, barriers, and other obstacles. Players can collect coins to gain advantages like higher scores and hoverboards along the way.

Temple Run

Temple Run follows the storyline in which the player’s character steals a golden idol from an Aztec temple located in a swamp. This act angers the Evil Demon Monkeys, who chase the player to retrieve the stolen item. The game begins with the player taking the idol and ends when the character hits an obstacle or is captured by the monkeys. The idol is returned to the temple when caught, and players can attempt to steal it again.

Final Thoughts

Mobile gaming is rising with more immersive, visually stunning, and challenging games. These 10 games are the world’s best mobile games nowadays, but 2023 promises even more excitement with a range of new games set to capture gamers’ attention. 

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