Football Manager 2021 iOS Review

Football Manager 2021 iOS review
Written by Ankit Gaba

I have always been a fan of the Manager mode in PES and FIFA. This was my first Football Manager game, so it’s from that perspective.
Football Manager 2021 is very advanced but lacks some things, at least on the Mobile Port. I hope they bring a complete simulation where you can see the players and not just circles. I have heard that there’s something called Football Manager Touch on Mobile, which has that, but I want them to bring that thing to the main series on Mobile. I definitely want to check out Football Manager games on other platforms since I heard that it’s very different. I loved the mobile version because of the number of things you could do, and some things like Player Transfers were very realistic; first off, I’ll start with the things that felt very realistic.

Realistic stuff in Football Manager 2021:
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You can get sacked if you try to apply for jobs for any other club. I don’t remember this feature being in any other manager modes. It was a cool thing to notice, but if your performance is outstanding and the board is satisfied with it, you will not get sacked.

Another realistic thing is the player transfers sometimes, and the players will ask to be put on the transfer list if they are unhappy with you, they will not perform well in matches.

To get to Big Clubs, you have to win trophies. Without them, it would be hard unless the Club is in a bad position. I found it pretty funny that if the club you join is in a bad position and massive, they will sack you if they aren’t satisfied with your first match. It happened to me sometimes.

I found it amusing that you could basically manage any international team in the Jobs section, and they would not reject if you have won a world cup.

Let’s talk about Player Transfers. If you are in a small club and have many transfer budget, big players would still not want to get in your club even if the club agrees because they would not want to ruin their reputation by going to a smaller club. I also love how you can find the next big footballer by training reserves. That thing is straightforward to manage. You gotta choose if you want to train the players or hire trainers. I hired trainers since they gave better results; I sometimes just trained a player well and made them a wonder kid, then sold them for around 200 million $ to other teams for a higher budget.

Low Resolution even on High-End Devices
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Football Manager 2021 runs at a very low resolution even though I played on the latest iPad Pro. Hopefully, with the updates, they increase the resolution for higher-end devices. Another thing that really bothered me was that there’s only one sound effect in the entire game, no background music or anything like that, at least on the mobile version. Hopefully, it’s different on the PC version; I would love to play the next Football Manager on a different platform since many people say that Football Manager on mobile is just like a light version of the PC one, as I heard. The PC version also features full player simulation instead of little circles running around.


Football Manager 2021 on iOS is a great time-waster, especially if you have to travel somewhere. You can play it while in the car or on a flight, but if you can buy it on PC or Xbox One, I would suggest you do that since I have heard from many people that the Mobile version is just like a light version of the PC or Xbox One Version. Football Manager 2021 on Mobile has some minor issues. Still, it was really nothing big the main issue is that when you start succeeding or win an award, it becomes too easy, but you will keep losing if you do not change your team tactics and stuff like that, which seems pretty realistic me. There’s also another version called Football Manager Touch, which seems closer to the PC version as well.

Overall it’s a good game. I would definitely suggest you buy it
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  • Realistic Simulations and Player Transfers
  • It doesn’t get boring quickly, unlike most of the other simulation/tycoon type games.


  • Low Resolution even on High-End Devices

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