Famous Casino Heists and Scams throughout History

Money Heist is one of the most popular series in the history of Netflix. There are many other series and movies based on bank heists and other robbery attempts. Films are directed to make these missions too intense to get your blood pumping. Some of the events have actually happened in real life, and every film is not based on fictional stories. Craze casino heists have happened in real life. 

Imagine you are playing poker in a casino, and suddenly an alarm starts ringing, and you come to know about the heist. Not everyone is daring enough to attempt these illegal activities, but people have done it. Some escaped with the money, but most of these daring people landed in jail. Here are some security suggestions that can help casinos to reduce the chances of such incidents:

  • Conduct thorough background checks.
  • Train employees on proper security protocols.
  • Work closely with law enforcement agencies.
  • Regularly conduct audits and reviews of financial records
  • Implement security cameras in all areas of the casino

Real-life Casino Heist in Gambling Industry

Online casinos are somehow way more secure and safe in terms of these heists. Hackers try to breach the security walls, but it is not easy. Today’s casinos are way more secure and advanced by using advanced security protocols. The nature of the casino business makes these setups most attractive to scammers and robbers. Here are some events in the casino’s history that will always be remembered.

Soboba Casino Inside Job

Hiring the right people for the job is an important part of the business. Inside jobs can be more lethal for any business, and the same happened in 2007 at the Soboba casino. One of the employees hogtied his ten colleagues and escaped the scene with a huge pile of money. 


He was arrested at Los Angeles airport, and police started investigating the heist. After further investigation, he revealed the names of the people involved. Two employees from higher ranks were also involved. The accused were arrested, and almost all the stolen money was recovered. 

The Cashier who escaped successfully

Las Vegas has always been the favorite target of robbers due to its booming gambling industry. Bill Brennan was a genius and lucky fellow who walked with $500,000 cash in hand out of Stardust Casino’s gate. Due to a lack of proper security measures, no one stopped him, and he was put on the FBI’s most wanted list. Players can also escape with 50 free spins and no one will ever touch you. Yes, has Polish casinos that offer free spins and other bonuses to the players. A free spin can also get you lucky tonight.
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The casino closed the business in 2006, and the case was closed. This whole story may seem fictional, but it happened in real life. No one is going to get lucky again, so never think about trying any such thing. Players or hackers cannot temper the security protocols of the online casino, and it is impossible for a game to be rigged. Players can go through reviews and forums to read more about the security and safety features of the casino. Online casinos are convenient, easily accessible, safer, and affordable. 

Stardust has Ninjas at the casino

Stardust has been unlucky when it comes to casino heists. One of the most famous heists was of two ninjas at the casino. They robbed the cashier while he was making a deposit and escaped with the money. Robbers were dressed like real-life ninjas, as we have seen in movies. 

They used smoke bombs and successfully conducted their robbery and left with $1.6 million. This robbery was done by the sons of the security guard of the casino. They did it twice and were lucky enough to escape both times successfully. Three of the involved persons were caught by the police. This robbery is quite popular in casino history. 

Heist at Crown Casino

In 2013, a huge amount of $13 million was stolen from Crown Casino, and it was the highest amount ever robbed from the casino. Most of the money was recovered a few months after the incident. The robbers had been planning this operation for a long time, and they did a pretty good job at processing their plan. 


The mastermind behind this operation was also a security guard at the casino. He used to monitor the security details and helped the robbers locate the high roller tables. Casino management was lucky enough to recover the money from the involved persons before they left the building. 

Are Online Casinos secure and safe?

Online casinos use advanced security protocols to avoid any sort of fraud. The digital world can be quite confusing for many. When it comes to online casinos, the chances of online theft and fraud are almost zero at legal and licensed casinos. Every transaction will be well-processed and can be verified by the casino authorities.


These casino heists were successful due to many reasons, like the involvement of management or poor security measures. It is almost impossible for anyone to rob a casino. Online casinos have even more advanced security protocols. Users have full control over their gambling accounts. Gamblers have full access to the service provided by the casino, and they have full rights to withdraw or deposit money at any time.

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