Demon Souls Remake PlayStation 4 Version found in PlayStation Database

Demon Souls Remake PlayStation 4 Version found in PlayStation Database
Written by Ankit Gaba

Demon Souls Remake originally released as a PlayStation 5 Exclusive, but a PlayStation 4 version has been found on PlayStation Database by PlayStation Game Size; now again this does not confirm anything; this could be some cancelled port, or it could actually be coming to PlayStation 4 to boost the sales because PlayStation 5 Shortage still has not stopped.

Nothing is confirmed until it is official, so I personally think that Demon Souls Remake could be coming to PlayStation 4 because of the Shortage issues; this part is just me speculating, but again, this could be some sort of test port we do not know when this version was created or anything about it.
Sony to have an Event in a couple of weeks according to new reports
Sony made God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7 Cross-Gen due to these shortage issues as well, so I would not be surprised if they do a PlayStation 4 Port just to boost the sales and satisfy people who are still unable to get PlayStation 5 due to shortage issues.
PlayStation is supposed to have an event in a couple of weeks, according to some rumours, and I think they will announce something related to this there.
We will keep you updated and update this article as soon as we dig into this situation more.
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