Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition’s Resolution goes down to 512P in some areas on Xbox Series S and 1080p on Xbox Series X

Metro Exodus Key Art
Written by Vince Abella

Thanks to Eurogamer’s new report, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition’s Console Port Performance has seen the light of day with reports of its excellent performance on Xbox Series consoles. According to the report, the latest entry into the series performs exceptionally well for the most part, as games are now reaching 60fps on consoles in addition to PC platforms. The game on the new era of gaming captures the feel of taking place truly in the next generation of consoles, with its handling of ray tracing, where light reacts and bounces realistically in-game, that truly shines in comparison to the already great previous generation of consoles.
Image from Metro Exodus
However, despite these massive improvements and the incredible capabilities of the Xbox Series consoles, the game does suffer from some minor technical issues when it comes to resolution drops, as well as the Series S not quite being up to par with the Series X. There is still much to love about the Series S version of the game, despite not being as impressive as the Series X title with a lack of sharpness, even going down to 512p in some areas. 4A Games’ incredibly ambitious 60fps Metro Exodus release has been positively received, largely proving to be a success despite there being some frame rate drops and resolution issues.

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