Sony to have an Event in a couple of weeks according to new reports

Sony to have an Event in a couple of weeks according to new reports
Written by Vince Abella

On resetera, a user asked Navtra, a known leaker about if Sony was planning any events in the near future, and another replied that something could potentially happen within the coming weeks. Sony noticeably was absent this E3, with Microsoft and Nintendo taking the stage with reveals and announcements for their own games like Forza Horizon 5 and Starfield, and other studios unveiling brand new titles like Ubisoft’s new Avatar game.
Take this a bit with a grain of salt since Navtra has been wrong once, but again she has been right most of the time.
We recently reported about Sony planning to host an event this June, and Navtra confirming this has made it more likely to be true.
Image from God of War 2018
This has noticeably been the second time the large company skipped the E3 event and also hasn’t made any new game announcements. Rumours have been circulating regarding another Sony event taking place this month or July, which would make sense given that their State of Plays, within which they reveal new footage and gameplay from upcoming titles, have a few months between each. There are multiple titles that could potentially be revealed at another Sony event, like the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, which hasn’t seen any gameplay footage yet, or even GhostWire: Tokyo, which had a gameplay trailer released last year and is set to be a PS5 exclusive game. With that being said, this is all still speculation, and we still have to wait for any official news regarding Sony’s plans, though we should keep an eye out in the coming weeks in case the studio makes any reveals known.
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