Deathloop Developer says that Developing on PlayStation 5 is a breath of fresh air

Deathloop is playable offline confirms director
Written by Ankit Gaba

Deathloop’s Game Director recently appeared on Play Magazine’s Latest Issue, where he revealed a lot of information about Deathloop.
He said, “I don’t think that we would have been able to preserve the level of ambition of this game were it not for the move to next-gen.” then he later stated that PlayStation 5 has allowed Arkane to create a world bigger and denser than the world in Dishonored 2.
Logo of Deathloop
Then he later stated, “It’s always heartbreaking when you get to the end of a project, and you have to optimise things, and now you have to cut your map in half, and you have to justify why it’s in two parts.”
Deathloop is supposed to release later this year, and yes, it is playable offline despite the previous rumours. I still have not played a single game by Arkane, but I am looking forward to Deathloop since the gameplay seems amazing and the concept seems interesting as well.
Arkane is also working on their Xbox Exclusive game Redfall currently as well which seems quite funny considering that an Xbox Studio is creating a PlayStation Timed Exclusive along with an Xbox Exclusive.

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