Deathloop is Playable Offline confirms Director

Deathloop is playable offline confirms director
Written by Ankit Gaba

The official director of Deathloop has just confirmed that the game will be playable offline Many people have been asking this since the game originally got revealed; it seems like we finally have an answer. In a tweet, the director of Deathloop stated “Hello, now that the previews are dropping and we mentioned it in some interviews, I can answer: you can play the game even when you are offline :)” This is good news for those who do not want to waste their money on PlayStation Plus. Previously there were rumours that Deathloop is not playable Offline; I am glad that these rumours have been cleared now.
I cannot wait to play Deathloop when it releases in September. It looks very intriguing. What kinda made me lose my interest in this were the rumours that it would only be playable online, but the director of Deathloop has just sparked my interest in this game once again. I am really looking forward to Deathloop. Hopefully, the PlayStation 5 stocks aren’t hard to get by the time Deathloop releases. Deathloop will only release on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 5 (Timed Exclusive)
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